Affordable Email Hosting Solutions

With prevalent online fraud and computer hacking, security and privacy over email communication is increasingly important. To combat these attacks, our email hosting solutions are well equipped with anti-virus and anti-spam software that prevent any malicious and unwanted emails from reaching your inbox, keeping your business or website safe and secure. Additionally, our reliable, robust, affordable and easy to use email solutions are packaged to suit everyone’s e-mail related requirements, whether it is a personal or a business website. Now, your company can have a very powerful and flexible email service that provides a corporate messaging system that’s easy and available in a business webmail, POP or IMAP service.

2GBHosting Email Hosting & Web Services

  • SSL Certificates
    • Protect the personal and private information of your business and customers
  • Priority Inbox Delivery
    • Ensure that your emails reach your intended recipients inbox, not in the spam or junk folder
  • Email Marketing & Newsletters
    • Reach, build and foster long term relationships with email marketing & newsletters
  • Standard Email
    • Deliver and receive emails that are free from viruses and spam

Discover how our email and web solutions can effectively protect your business. Contact us today for more information.