Affordable Email Hosting Solutions

When sending out precious emails for personal and especially business reasons, you want to make sure that your emails reach your intended targets. At 2GBHosting, our cost effective email hosting plans are perfect for any of your business or personal emails. And with our email hosting solution you can rest assured that your emails get delivered as soon as they are sent, giving you peace of mind.

Priority Inbox Delivery™

Priority Inbox Delivery™ is a leading email solution that ensures your outgoing emails will go directly to the inbox of your intended recipient, making sure that they never land in spam or junk folders.

Our Priority Inbox Delivery™ comes with the following features:

  • Multiple email servers are always available, so that your incoming emails will never get returned back.
  • Other features including but not limited to: calendar, alerts, events, schedulers and address book.
  • Guaranteed delivery of your outgoing messages into recipient's inbox.
  • Protection of your mail box from unwanted spam mail.
  • Protection of mail box from viruses and malware.
  • 5GB of storage space for each mail box.

Don't wait another minute to put our email hosting solutions to work for your website and business. Contact us today to get started!

Mail Boxes Price (per mailbox) Order This Plan
 1 mail box 14.00/- year. Order Now
 5 mail boxes 12.6/- year. Order Now
 10 mail boxes 12.3/- year. Order Now
 25 mail boxes 11.9/- year. Order Now
 50 mail boxes 11.2/- year. Order Now
 100 mail boxes 10.5/- year. Order Now
 250 mail boxes 9.8/- year. Order Now
 500 mail boxes 9.1/- year. Order Now