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Being a hosting reseller needs you to be agile, prompt and professional to the core. You need to manage your own account while at the same time managing the accounts of your clients, allocating resources and monitoring various activities. While it is not a bad idea to take some vacation now and then, even during the time you need to monitor and manage your hosting business. However while on the vacation, you need to keep in mind some crucial factors to ensure that your security remains intact:

Be Overcautious

While on the vacation many resellers opt for multi-tasking- stealing a few convenient moments to log in to your laptop or Smartphone for checking emails, making calls, sending messages, managing clients’ resources, limiting or allowing the access or quickly formatting your files. This off and on work can actually pose security threats to your crucial data and sensitive information. Vacations are filled with pleasant chaos as they make you light hearted and distract your attention. Picture the possibilities: You may take your laptop to an amusement park but got so much involved while enjoying with your children that you forget to carry the laptop when you leave the park! Similarly you may leave your Smartphone in a public park. It exposes your sensitive data to a number of security risks.


Don’t take any chances: Encrypt all the sensitive data so that even if your physical gadget is misplaced or stolen, the crucial data cannot be tampered with.

Don’t use social logins

There are a number of free services that might help you to manage your hosting business efficiently while on the go. However they can allow or even encourage you to login with your social media accounts. It seems to be more convenient especially if you are on the vacation. However, it also exposes you to the security risks as it can release your personal details and current data including your company, and location. Hence a vital security rule is broken by releasing maximum personal details to unknown sources.

Tip: No matter however much “busy” you are enjoying time with your knar and dear ones, ensure that you should use the traditional registration method instead of signing in with your social profiles/passwords. It would be better of your avoid registering for new services while you in the public places. You can register while you are in hotel or other secured place where you are staying.

Avoid public Wi-Fi

While even non-IT savvy people are aware that they should steer clear of Wi-Fi internet while accessing to their crucial data, many times they could not resist the temptation to check their Skype, whatsapp or email messages. Some people even login to their cPanel or Plesk Panel over public Wi-Fi, thinking that they would immediately change the credentials or password. It is quite possible that they might forget to change the credentials it can make them an easy target for the malicious elements.

Tip: Though data roaming thus comes with considerable additional costs, the peace of mind that it offers is unmatchable. Even if you don’t want to incur much of the data roaming charges you can use the internet judiciously rather than relying on public Wi-Fi. In fact if possible do not use your crucial accounts like cPanel or Plesk while on the vacation. A small mistake or ignorance can expose your crucial data o the hackers.

If it is really urgent to use the internet and you don’t have enough data then too you need to employ VPN while using Wi-Fi. In fact you should ensure that the Wi-Fi is secured and know its point name. Avoid using outdated browsers as they are not sophisticated enough to recognize are websites. Don’t allow your phone or laptop connects wifi automatically and activates the option “Enable Ask to Join”

Avoid using credit card

There could be some instances when you need to top up your reseller hosting account and you want to use credit card for that purpose. Your credit card contains the entire information of your financial spending, earning and buying behaviours. Understatedly, it is the most sought after asset for the hackers. There are a number of small tools that can steal your credit card number and PIN. Once stolen, you can be in a major soup.

Tip: Tempting though it may appear doesn’t us your credit arid on a vacant until it is absolutely necessary. Maintain high level of privacy while using your ATM. If you cannot completely avoid the use of credit rd ensure o use it in the most secured ambiance.