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An online business needs to be very careful about the hackers as they have a number of ways to compromise your security and access your vulnerable data. The cure is almost not available in this regard and so prevention is the only way to remain free from hacker attacks. Here are a number of different ways in which you can fortify the security of your valuable data and disable the entry of hackers.

Don’t use old versions with security issues

Ensure to keep yourself informed about the latest updates of the scripts that you are using. Apart from speed and efficiency the latest editions also identify security issues and effectively patch up the possible vulnerabilities. But don’t rely on patches alone. Advanced hackers can find some way to gnaw through the security shield. More likely they would identify other vulnerabilities to attack. So, take the maximum advantage of the wonderful knowledge base of these open source software programs. On their community portals/sections, you can find a number of tips, advanced security issues that you might have ignored and bug reports. Join the mailing list of the main site to streamline the things. Whenever the latest version will be released you will be informed via email containing details and installation link/info. You need to be more careful if you use CMS, forum or other 3rd party software on your website as that may allow an appealing security gap for the hackers and malicious intruders. You can take the help of a number of tools that will keep you notified about the latest vulnerability issues. There are other more specific tools that can effectively handle vulnerability issues. However, ensure to check the authority and accreditation of any tool before you use them. Hackers are a smart lot and they may employ such tools to intrude into your security.

Delete the installation folder just after installing

Having an installation folder on your system allows the malicious elements to open the folder, run the installer and have a full access to your entire database. Once in they can do all sorts of notorious activities with your website: data theft, data erasing, changing controls and settings and defacing your online identity in different ways. So as soon as you have installed the related program immediately delete the installation folder.

Rename your database tables

One of the sweetest spots for intruders is database tables. These tables have relevant table prefix by default. It is generally in an abbreviated form that doesn’t take much brain to guess. The default prefix for database tables of Wordpress will be WP. This information can be used to breach the security. By changing database prefix you will make your database tables inaccessible to malicious elements.

Use quality Antimalware to fortify your server security

Malware is used to wipe out passwords from key programs like FTP. Once passwords are erased consider that thieves have stolen your master key. Take the help of Anti-malware to fortify your server security. Anti-Malware comes cheap, can easily be installed and does not need you to have a deep technical knowledge. It scans your system on its own and immediately notifies about any vulnerability. It scans to identify and remove the malware effectively

Prevent Trojan entry to the port

The hackers use some objective oriented Trojans to enter via some key ports into your system. In order to disable the Trojan entry to your ports, you should know the preferred ports used by popular Trojans and how to shut them down. There is a number of dependable literature available on the net in this regard that educates you not only the most vulnerable ports but also offers a complete guide to shutting them down without experience ad unpleasant effects.

Configure MySQL Database correctly

Incorrect configuration of My SQL can convert this excellent database language into a security loophole. Hackers would certainly want to take the maximum benefit of this loophole and that can seriously threaten your security. So it is always recommendable to learn the proper and correct configuration of MY SQL for your system.

Use Encryption and SSH Keys

SSH Keys stand for cryptographic keys that can be used to make an entry to the privately guarded digital are without using login or password. As opposed to password cryptographic keys can automatically generate significant key combinations that are very difficult, almost impossible for any hacker to crack. Due to the significant tie required to go through probabilities, SSH keys are unbreakable even via computer hardware as the process is really complicated and requires prolonged delays.