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Backing Up Your data on a Dedicated Server

Back Up Your Data 

Data loss is inescapable. Businesses all throughout the planet regularly lose their data because of hardware disappointment, theft, hacker attacks, cataclysmic events, or even human error.

Regardless of how cautious you are, an unexpected issue might happen and leave you hanging with no of your projects. That is the reason secure your data the appropriate way.

The most ideal approach to do such is by utilizing a dedicated server for backup. Dedicated Servers are the most secure solution for backing up your data. Dedicated hosting providers have additional storage for excess, consequently being the ideal method to protect your data.


What is Data Backup?

Data backup is the way toward making a copy of your data and storing it in another location to recuperate your information on account of data loss.

Data loss can happen because of a hardware or software disappointment, a virus in your system, a cataclysmic event, or just by unintentionally deleting your data.

Data backup has gotten common among businesses, practically all of which back up their databases to ensure their information. Frequently, data backups are kept on an outside storage device, or in the cloud.

Nonetheless, companies that arrange with a lot of data can pick utilizing a dedicated server for backup.

"A backup server has hardware and software enhanced for backing up your data, apps, and databases. You can lease a dedicated server from a hosting provider and set up your own backup solution, or have the hosting provider manage the backup interaction for you."


How To Backup Your Data on a Dedicated Server?

On the off chance that you've chosen to use a dedicated server to backup your data, you may consider what's the best approach to configure it.

At the point when you get a managed dedicated server as a backup server, your hosting provider will deal with the backup interaction for you.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you have an unmanaged server, you're liable for configuring your backup solution.

Here are the various techniques you can use to set up data backup on a dedicated server:


Cloud Backup

There is a wide range of cloud backup solutions accessible. Probably the most famous ones are Google Drive and Dropbox.

Nonetheless, these backup techniques are just appropriate on the off chance that you have relatively little data to back up and have a quick internet connection.

Much of the time, businesses utilizing dedicated servers have a huge load of data, which doesn't make backing it up utilizing cloud storage exceptionally advantageous.


Acronis Backup

Acronis offers a reliable and scalable backup solution for your data or your whole system. It accompanies a simple-to-use graphical interface, and you can use their software regardless of whether you don't have technical experience.

They have different data place locations, so you can pick where to store your data. This makes it simple to execute the 3-2-1 backup strategy, which includes keeping no less than one backup copy off-site.

This backup strategy is secure and simple to set up. What's more, in case you're utilizing a 2GbHosting dedicated server, you can purchase an Acronis Backup.


cPanel Backup

cPanel is a control panel for dedicated servers which has an inherent backup alternative. You can essentially backup your data from the cPanel menu, and pick where to store it.

This technique is helpful on the off chance that you would prefer not to get a managed server, yet you're searching for a straightforward and simple-to-use backup solution.

In the event that you as of now have a dedicated server, and you're utilizing cPanel, this backup technique is an easy decision.


RAID Backups

A straightforward technique that can be acquainted with a dedicated server to build the security of the data that you are hosting is RAID 1.

This is a hard drive configuration that requires two actual disks, with the thought being that when you store data to one hard drive, it is automatically reflected on the second hard drive so that in the event that one of the pairs fizzles, you can in any case run your server off the drive that is as yet accessible and you will not lose any data.

Disappointment of a whole RAID array is an extremely uncommon event which is the reason we suggest this solution for anybody searching for a dedicated server that can offer data integrity.


Off-site Backups

The second line of safeguard is important to guarantee that if your server endures data loss, you can in any case recover a copy of your data that would then be able to be used to revamp your dedicated server whenever it is repurchased online.

There are various manners by which you can make duplicates of the data that you wish to backup; the data that you are hosting as well as particular records that you ought to back up because these are the most effortless to bundle and transfer automatically.

If you somehow managed to take a picture of a whole server and afterward copy this over to a backup site utilizing strategies, for example, SCP or FTP then this could consume most of the day.


Application Backup

There are numerous applications that you might be utilizing as a component of your everyday exercises that can offer backup offices, which can limit the measure of work, that you need to do to protect your data.

For instance, web hosting control panels, for example, cPanel and Plesk can provide you with the offices important to backup the web hosting accounts contained on your dedicated server to a far-off location in only a couple of snaps.

Such offices can be a lifeline as a Web Hosting Provider because they take into consideration speedy hosting account restoration if your server falls flat.

"Dedicated servers accompany benefits that make them ideal for backup. The important reasons to use the dedicated server for backup are improved security, offshore backup, disaster recovery, automated backups, ease of access, and cost-effective."



2GbHosting accepts that urge our customers to take ordinary backups of their data so they can recuperate their data if any hardware disappointment or data loss anytime happens.

In case you are uncertain about which backup system will be the most appropriate for you, then, at that point, if it's not too much trouble, contact the 2GbHosting sales team as they can reveal insight into the most ideal solution for your necessities.