What is Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the most popular hosting packages that are available in today's market for online businesses. In this article you will learn the pros and cons that are associated with shared web hosting.


  •  Cheap - Shared web hosting is so popular and widely used because of the low cost of these packages. So cheap that they can fit almost any budget.
  • Available with different platforms - Shared hosting comes with the option to have the operating system with Java, Linux or Windows. What platform you choose is solely dependent on the language that your website is or will be written in. Consult with your web master or development team to find out the most appropriate choice for your website.
  • Available with different hard drives - Some of the best web hosting providers offers the choice between hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) servers. HDD servers are the traditional and most widely used servers in the industry. However, SSD servers have been gaining popularity because of their ability to offer websites 300% faster response times over its counterpart.  
  • Fully Managed - No need to have any technical expertise or knowledge as your shared web hosting package is fully managed by your hosting provider. Not to mention that this comes at no extra cost because it is included in the price of your web hosting package.


  • Performance Issues - Shared web hosting comes with its fair share of performance issues. First, your resources are not guaranteed. This means that when a website on your server has an exceptionally high volume of traffic at one time, this will use up all of the resources, leaving nothing for your website. Next, when a website on your server gets blacklisted for black hat or spamming, this also means that others on the server will too.

•No Control - When hosting on a shared server you do not have any control over your server. To say in another way, you will not be able to download third party scripts, modules or programs on your server whenever you please.