Thinking of hosting a new website? If you are a seasoned developer you would know the difference between creating of websites on and PHP frameworks. The former supports Windows Web Hosting while the latter supports Linux Web Hosting.

Though it entirely depends on your own choice, but if you take my suggestion, I would prefer Linux Web Hosting because of the ease and flair of working with it. Now let me outline some of the basic advantage which has made me such a big fan of it.

  • First of all it is Open Source and hence it comes relatively cheaper than Windows hosting.
  • Secondly because it is Open Source, so the community helps in updating and upgrading it on a regular basis.
  • Thirdly Linux OS is not cumbersome and runs exceptionally faster than Windows Operating Systems. Linux is more easy to use because it is not as complex and rigid as Windows in comparison to navigation or using tools within the website.
  • Linux is easily adaptable to most of the popular Operating Systems such as RedHat, CentOS, and Debian. Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Unix, etc. as compared to Windows Hosting which can solely operate on Windows OS.
  • Linux has a much faster downtime speed and as everyone likes a fast service as I do, it saves me time and money both.
  • Another attractive feature that brings smiles to me is the effortless cPanel that I can use for either of the hosting packages that I choose from such as Shared, VPS, Reseller or Dedicated Servers, as well as WHMCS for Dedicated, Reseller and VPS Servers.
  • Last but not the least is that files in the Linux system are case sensitive and hence more secure for use.

    Well, for now I think I have said a lot, hope it helps the beginners who may be seeking a fast and formidable form of web hosting – my vote goes to Linux Web Hosting. Cheers!!!!