Reseller hosting is one of the fastest growing packages in the web hosting industry. However, before individuals and businesses consider getting a reseller web hosting account they come across some facts, fears and myths that can affect or prohibit their decision making process. To cut through these concerns, here a few reseller hosting myths debunked.  

Myth #1: Having a reseller web hosting account is too difficult
Reseller web hosting might seem intimidating at first, however, it is the best way to start your own web hosting business. Starting your own web hosting company from scratch can be costly, however, with reseller hosting there is little to no risk involved. In other words, you are not responsible for buying equipment, building an infrastructure, hiring staff and etc. With reseller hosting you just rent a server or a portion of it; where you will price, package and sell resources at your own discretion. The difference of what you charge your clients and what you pay for your reseller web hosting package will determine your profit; so package and price wisely.
Myth #2: Your clients will know that you are a web hosting reseller
You might be scared that clients will know that you are a reseller, however, this is just a myth because your clients will not know that you are a reseller unless you share this information with them.
Myth #3: Knowledge of web hosting is not necessary
There is a huge misconception that you do not need to have any knowledge of what you are selling to your clients, however, this could not be farther from the truth. You will need sufficient knowledge of web hosting plans (hardware, capabilities, resources and etc.), otherwise you may run the risk of losing clients that you work hard to get. Or you could fail signing a client from lack of knowledge.
Myth # 4: I cannot effectively support my hosting clients
Another myth that strikes fear is that people believe that they will not be able to effectively support and assist their clients as a reseller. Actually, the truth is that when you partner with an established web hosting provider, then your web host will take care of everything for you. That is why it is important to make sure that you are signing up with the web hosting company that has a great reputation and can provide you with the service that you both need and deserve.