4 major cyber threats to watch out for in 2017

The spread of internet has provided immense opportunities for multifaceted growth of the society. While the general public can get an easy access to a number of basic and advanced services the business section is also experiencing huge benefits thanks to the internet. However, there are some unscrupulous elements that employ malicious tricks to make quick money through internet.

Increase your reach and reduce costs by using short domain names

Registering a domain name is the very first requirement for starting your online presence. Selecting an appropriate domain name can go a long way in widening your reach. It can impact your online business in much more ways than you can think off the bat! Short and sweet rules the roost. Right from shaping user experience to saving expenditure and even ensuring maximum RoI of your advertising efforts, the advantages of a short domain name are many and varied.

For Domain Owners: How to shield your vital information from going public?

Domain owners must have noticed that as soon as the register a domain, their mailboxes start receiving unsolicited offers for web related services. No domain owner loves to get his mailbox inflated with spam messages offering unsolicited web services, but still, he gets tons of such messages.

Ransomware: Definition, threats, and precaution

According to a study, as many as 638 million ransom incidents took place during 2016. The figures become more intimidating when we consider the fact that just a year before there was only 3.8 million such incidents in 2015. That means just in one year the ransomware incidents increased by 634 million! The word astronomical leap perfectly fits here!

What is Ransomware?

Your data is encrypted by anonymous! What next?

One of the most loved methodologies employed by the greedy nefarious elements in order to earn some quick bucks is to break into your website and encrypt the data. The decryption key lies with the attacker and you would be asked to pay a hefty sum of money in order to get the decryption key. Unfortunately, you can never be sure that paying money will perfectly solve the problem. Your data may be damaged or the attackers might copy the data for the future use.

6 ways to fortify the security of your website

An online business needs to be very careful about the hackers as they have a number of ways to compromise your security and access your vulnerable data. The cure is almost not available in this regard and so prevention is the only way to remain free from hacker attacks. Here are a number of different ways in which you can fortify the security of your valuable data and disable the entry of hackers.

Don’t use old versions with security issues

6 key advantages of SSD hosting

Among a number of different web hosting types, one particular web hosting SSD hosting is becoming popular nowadays. In fact people are more inclined to SSD hosting rather than HDD hosting. There are a good number of reasons behind that as the SSD comes with key benefits as compared to HDD. Now, the obvious question: What is HDD hosting, SSD hosting and which one is the most ideal option for me? Let us dive deeper into the details of the subject:

8 best tips to effectively shield your website against vulnerabilities

Any business’s website contains the most crucial information that can be accessed only by the admin. However, the hackers do exist and if they break into your admin panel then they may play havoc with your site. So it is very important to take complete care of your website security. Many times we note that it is the negligence of some very general issues that make your site vulnerable. Some site owners fail to recognize the importance of crucial security tightening procedures and face security issues in the future.

A few common-sense points to consider before you move to Cloud

Due to the host of benefits it offers, many enterprises are making a move to cloud hosting. However, there is a wide difference between the theory and practical implementation. When you finally decide to move your data to the cloud, there is more to consider apart from scalability, affordability or plain technicalities. Missing a few important common-sense points could be a costly mistake.