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Starting your own website opens many growth opportunities for you. The businesses can multiply their income by building their own website and the individuals can build a strong personal reputation across the globe. The bloggers can earn a good income with the help of self-hosted sites and freelancers can sell their services. However, the major question is how to build your own website? Many people have the notion that it is really expensive to build your site. The reality, however, is different. In this blog, we will tell you how to build your first website within Rs.2000:

What do you need to build and run a website?

In order to build and run your own website, you would need a domain name, hosting plan and a professional looking website.

How much it cost to buy a domain name?

The Domain name and web hosting plan are the 2 prerequisites for publishing your website and facilitating access for global audiences. During the last 1 decade, the prices of domain names have registered a significant decline that is actually a good thing for the clients, especially the ones with the limited budget.

  • The yearly price of a standard domain name should not cost more than Rs.500 per year.
  • You are unlikely to make frequent changes to your business domain name. So, you can opt for 2-yearly or 3-yearly plan to enjoy even lower prices
  • Avoid free domain names as that will acutely hurt your business reputation and minimize the potential. You can’t expect any real SEO benefit either
  • While you can buy .online, .me, .travel, etc., it is best for the beginners to start with standard .com extension- the oldest most trusted commercial extension

What is Web hosting and how much does it cost to buy hosting packages?

Web Hosting allows you to place your digital content like images, text, etc. In simple words, we can say that web hosting is the digital space occupied by different elements of your website like files, databases, etc.  It is generally measured in the units of MB (MegaBytes) and GB or Gigabytes.

You need to buy web hosting packages from a hosting company that gives you the right to use its own IT assets like CPU or server

  • The hosting company is also responsible for providing you the net connectivity that helps your global visitors to access and browse your site anytime and from anywhere
  • You have to pay a specific rent to the hosting company for using their IT/digital infrastructure
  • There are multiple web hosting plans to suit different requirements and budgets- right from economical shared hosting plans to premium plans like a dedicated server.

Which is the best web hosting plan for beginners?

There are multiple web hosting plans to choose from but as a beginner, you don’t have specific or high requirements for your site. So, you can buy a shared hosting plan if you are just starting your website. It generally cost within Rs. 1200 per year.

How much does it cost to build your own website?

The last thing is to build a website. Till some time back you need to hire a web designer for building your website and it could cost anything from Rs.10000 to 25000 to build a good website. Thankfully now it is much easier to build your own website and host it on your domain name.

Can I build my website for free?

There are many free website builders available in the market. However, the most trusted one is WordPress. You can build your own website on and the best thing is that it would look really impressive. The only downside is that you need to go through some learning curve as WordPress needs some training if you want to have a website with really professional looks.

  • You can also use free templates that allow you to use their layout for placing your text and images. It is the quickest way to build your website but you have to exercise some limitations in terms of visual appeal.
  • The best thing is to go for a low priced site builder from your hosting provider
  • A site builder allows you to develop your own website using easy graphical interface and pick and drop tools
  • With the help of a good site builder, you can easily build your own website within a few hours without any coding or programming/scripting knowledge
  • Generally it costs Rs.100 to buy website builder.

The total cost would be Rs.500  (domain name) + Rs.1200 (web hosting) + Rs.100 (site builder) that is Rs.1800 total!



Many people want to enjoy the rewards offered by the digital presence by building their own website. However, due to the budget constraints, they are not able to create the website. In this blog, we have mentioned that how can one build his own first website within Rs. 2000. It will help the beginners to confidently start their online journey with a distinct identity.