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One of the most engaging ways to increase the stay duration of your audience on your website is video blogging. There are many companies that have realized tangible benefits with the help of video blogging. At the same time there are companies that have been trying video blogging for some time but fail to gain any significant benefit. If you have also been trying to use video blogging but with no success then this article can help you with the practical actionable advice and tips on the ideal use of video blogging:

Why do many informative video blogs fail?

One of the major reasons behind the failure of most of the informative videos is that they offer too many topics to the viewer to properly comprehend the import of the video. Such juggled videos confuse, rather than engage, the audience.

Short, well-categorised videos are liked by most of the audience. You need to produce separate short videos on different topics that should touch the core point of each topic.

The presentation style also matters a lot. Ensure that both video and audio quality meet the ideal standards. Besides, the video and audio should sync well so that the audience should experience a real time experience.

Each video should have a brief content and maintain crispness from start to the end. Generally an informative video that is less than 3 minutes long is considered as the ideal video for the best impact.

Comprehensibility and value transferring are the major things to keep in mind while evaluating the output of the video. In fact, you should also encourage the audience to share their thoughts at the end of the video blog.

Employ Mobile First Approach

The increasing use of mobile devices for internet access has made it quite mandatory to be more concerned about mobile device users. Unlike PC or laptop, pocket-friendly mobile is the round-the-day companion of a person. So, offering a special attention to the mobile device users can certainly help you to widen your reach and impact:

Keeping the same in mind you should avoid the Landscape view as that could be quite inconvenient for the mobile device user with a small screen.

Square view on the other hand offers uniform view ability to your video on various small mobile devices and thus can result in widening your viewership and inviting audience for engaging closely with your videos like sharing, or liking it.

Ideal Video Friendly Format is important

The format of your blog can play a vital role in presenting the video with the right impact. As video is a visual, moving medium you would need to opt for the format that offers a perfect ambiance for the video blogging?

So you can think about making essential changes to your blog format to make it video friendly and facilitate various interactive options related to videos like YouTube sharing, social media sharing/posting etc.

The format should also be designed to offer the comfortable viewabliliy by eliminating unnecessary elements from the surrounding screen.

Content cum video blogs

Apart from developing video blogs you can also than of working on the content cum video format where every short piece of contents supported by the associated video. It will offer a diverse experience to the clients and also allow them to benefit by the insightful text as well as the precise ad brief videos.

You need to ensure that the video should not exactly reciprocate or repeat what is written in the text but both of them should be complementary to each other. For example, if you are presenting a theory in the text format then you may support it with real life examples using the videos.

Use Videos to talk about people

One of the most popular forms of videos is the videos that talk about the people. It helps in keeping the people engaged and influences them in a positive manner. You can think of creating the videos about the CEO, major staff members and your clients. Try to make the videos refreshing and engaging.

Location matters a lot. Instead of the boring office chair, you might choose the inviting ambiance of your office garden or other similar lively ambiance.

Likewise, you need to go for the tone that is effective, audible and influential. Also use the easy conversational tone while talking to the audience.

Encourage your audience to feel real life conversation by asking them their views on different matters or share their own personal experience.

Make a quick connect with your audience

You can make use of different strategies to make a quick connect with your audience. For example you can include the real life examples or relate your content with some specific professions talking about the practical implementations on the same.

Other useful tips

One of the best ways to make people aware about your videos is to go for the live video faculty on your blog. The live videos are engaging, fresh and inviting. The viewers can get attracted to your live videos immediately as they are eager to know about “What’s inside”. For maximising the impact you can also share e links of your live videos on other sites and blogs.

Title: Not more than 50 characters and very inviting

Keywords: Employ them in video tags and title for the maximum SEO benefits

Video thumbnail: That perfectly represents the video content

Video playlist: Containing a number of other videos that are hosted on your blog.