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Registering a domain name is the very first requirement for starting your online presence. Selecting an appropriate domain name can go a long way in widening your reach. It can impact your online business in much more ways than you can think off the bat! Short and sweet rules the roost. Right from shaping user experience to saving expenditure and even ensuring maximum RoI of your advertising efforts, the advantages of a short domain name are many and varied.

Right from the hoary history of www, the short domain names have always been a preferred candy for everyone, be it the user or the website owner. There are multiple practical reasons behind the same. Due to their simplicity, short domain names are easily memorable. There are other benefits too:

Easy to fit anywhere

They can easily fit into congested spaces without much difficulty. This quality can be a real asset during advertising in print media, especially if you are on a modest budget. Visibility matters the most when we talk of Print media. But Ad size closely impacts the budget. With short domain names, you can easily offer a highlighted visibility to your domain name without inflating your budget. Short domain names also allow you to enjoy more freedom while choosing your preferred font type and size. If we talk about the display ads where you are charged for per sq. cm, each letter counts and lesser the letters your domain name has, more savings you can enjoy- without compromising on the visibility and impact!

Better User Experience

In today’s era when one can access the internet using a number of mobile devices, the user experience has become even more important. Additionally, the definition of user experience has expanded to include more aspects. One of them is typing. It was never been a task to type even 20-25 lettered domain name on the good old one-and-the-half foot keyboard! But typing lengthy domain names on a 3-inch iPhone pains! And typing 10-15 lettered domain name while commuting in a public transport is a punishment to the fingers! Think deeper- Can you expect to attract new audiences when your domain name is essentially “punishing” to their fingers! A few extra letters can negatively influence your reach to a huge section of approximately 4.92 billion global mobile users! The stake is not small!

Better RoI of media ads

The length of domain name also plays a vital role when we think of TV or radio ads. Reaching maximum viewers or listeners is only half the battle won. You also need to enter their minds. The challenge here is that their mind is on the favorite program or stations. So, even the interested audience will store key parts of your ad in a certain portion of their mind- to act later on! That “key part” is- in most case- your contact info! As an online business, you would possibly not share a lengthy physical address. Just a contact number and website address would do. It is generally difficult to recall the contact number viewed or listened on the TV/Radio ads. So, most possibly, a domain name is the only vital element of your ad that stays with the memory. Hence, using short, easy to remember domain name can largely- and positively- affect the audience mind and thus can influence the RoI of your overall advertising expenses!

But sometimes, short may not be a sweet option

Though there are a number of benefits associated with short domain names (Register Domin Names), there are a few exceptional cases when you should prefer long names instead of the shorter ones.

Brand Matters: Every brand has its own dedicated market. Some brands enjoy local penetration while others are global leaders. If your brand name is well-known in the territory that matters, then replacing your original brand name with shorter names is not advisable! It can even have an adverse effect on your online popularity. Not to mention the associated credibility issues.

Short is not enough, the name should be memorable too: Another thing to keep into mind is that being short isn’t enough. The domain names should be easy to remember too. If you are a German doctor in London running a clinic “Archimbald Thyroid Center” then, even shortening to may not make it memorable enough. Think more creatively. You can try names like “”,, etc.

Avoid misleading names: Last but not the least, the shorter domain names should not be misleading or inappropriate. For example, is not an appropriate name for your online venture if you run a fashion jewelry business and offer only a small collection gold-plated jewelry! Similarly, is hardly an appropriate domain name if you are running a business “Henley Oil Technologies”!

I already have a website with a long domain name. What should I do?

No need to worry if you already have a website with a long, clumsy domain name. You can still purchase a short and sweet domain name that redirects to your original site. With a little or no help, you can easily set the instructions for redirecting and it takes only 30 minutes! Short URLs