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VPS hosting is perhaps one of the fastest growing web hosting options out there. It is popular because it gives you the best attributes of dedicated hosting but at a price that resembles shared hosting. In this article you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of hosting on a virtual private server.

Advantages of VPS Hosting :

  • Full Control - VPS hosting allows you to be in full control. This means that you have control over server, software and configuration.
  • Affordable - Virtual private server hosting is affordable because you are sharing a server with other websites and therefore share some of the cost.
  • Added Security Features - VPS hosting is more safe and secure when compared to shared hosting because you have the ability to install powerful firewall. Not to mention your VPS hosting account will have its own private mail server that comes with its own unique IP address. Therefore, when someone on the server gets penalized for bad behavior, like black hat and spamming activities, then your server will not get blacklisted as a result.

Guaranteed Resources- VPS hosting comes with guaranteed resources, meaning your website will receive a certain amount of bandwidth, dedicated IP addresses, disk space, CPU, RAM, and other resources. Even if another website on your server uses up all of its resources, your website's resources and performance will not suffer at all.
Disadvantages Of VPS Hosting

  • Responsibility - When you host on a shared server your account is fully managed for you. However, with VPS hosting having your account managed is optional. This means that if you do not have the technical skill to manage your own VPS hosting account then you will pay more for the service.
  • More Expensive - Although VPS hosting is affordable there are certain extra services that can add to the the cost of your VPS web hosting package. For example, additional services like VPS managed hosting, data and server backups, IP addresses dedicated to your account, and etc. can add up to be as expensive or more expensive than getting a dedicated server.
  • Upgradeable - With VPS hosting you can easily scale your resources as needed. To say in other way, you have the ability to grow your needs of your VPS hosting account whenever the time arises.
  • Limitations - Most VPS hosting plans have a certain amount of limitations that come with each account. In other words, if your hosting provider lies to you about the number of resources that are appointed to your account then this will limit your virtual private server web hosting account and you may still run out of resources.