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Advantages Of VPS Hosting

In the web hosting industry there are many different options to choose from, so many that they can get down right confusing. One such option, VPS hosting, has been gaining an enormous amount of popularity because it bridges the gap between shared and dedicated server hosting. VPS hosting is a type of hosting where each website owner gets a portion of a server, a server that has been virtually split into partitions where your website will reside. A VPS hosting package allows for your website to have its very own disk space, bandwidth, and operating system. In this post you will discover some more of the advantages of hosting on a virtual private server.

  • Complete Control

With VPS hosting you have control over server, software and configuration. This is one aspect of VPS hosting that makes it so popular because it is a feature that is unavailable with shared hosting.

  • Affordable

Virtual private server hosting comes with a lot of the same great features of dedicated hosting, however, is very affordable like shared hosting.

  • Added Security Features

VPS hosting is more secure when compared to shared hosting because you can install your own firewall. In other words, you can install an extra layer of protection to keep your website safe from hackers or unexpected attacks. Additionally, each VPS hosting has its own private mail server with unique IP address, ensuring that you will not get blacklisted as a result of the bad behavior of others that share the same mail service.

  • Guaranteed Resources

VPS hosting comes with guaranteed resources, a feature that is unavailable with shared hosting. This means that you will be given a certain amount of disk space, bandwidth, RAM, CPU, IP, and other resources that are guaranteed to your site. Even if another website on the server utilizes too many resources, your website resources and performance will not be affected at all.

  • Share Your Server With A Lot Less Websites

Like shared hosting, you will share your server with many other websites. However, the difference is that with shared hosting you can share your server with as many as 1000 other websites. On the other hand, with VPS hosting you share your website with much less websites, more like 25 websites.