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Strategies to Improve Customer Conversion and Retention For Your Web Hosting Business

Improve Customer Conversion

Assuming you need to construct a flourishing business, you need to deal with your greatest asset – Customers. Tragically, most businesses are fixated on lead generation – however reckless with regards to customer retention. How pitiful?

Acquiring new leads is incredible, however holding existing customers ought to be your essential focus. Since a few examinations tracked down that 68% of sales come from existing customers?

Try not to depend on customers who stagger on your website, submit a request, and leave promptly – without the prospect of truly returning.

You can't disparage the force of a loyal customer base. As indicated by reports, 12 – 15% of customers are loyal to a solitary retailer, yet they address 55 – 70% of sales.

Trust me, holding your customers is a vital part of your business. No ifs, and buts, changing leads over to customers is a hard cycle – yet your efforts can pay off if you focus on a definitive objective – retention.

Taking into account that loyal customers will consistently return for your products and services they're your best business asset.


Customer Acquisition Vs Customer Retention!

Many brands and businesses get confounded in recognizing the distinction between customer acquisition and retention. Both are two distinct things.


Customer Acquisition

The primary objective behind customer acquisition is to acquire new customers to develop sales and revenue. Customer acquisition is more focused on marketing that implies distinguishing the expected customers and offering distinctive lead magnets to draw in new leads.

It is reliant upon different channels like paid ads, commercials, or direct marketing. Customer acquisition strategy generally incorporates distinguishing likely customers, making and implementing diverse marketing strategies, communicating with expected leads, and estimating the achievement of the marketing strategy.


Customer Retention

In contrast with customer acquisition, customer retention is tied in with focusing on and sustaining existing customers to construct a solid relationship with them.

When your current customer begins trusting you then they won't ever wonder whether or not to buy and utilize your product and services. Customer retention strategies incorporate optimizing your customer service, product quality, consistent communication, offering loyalty programs, and the sky is the limit from there.

Recall your current customers are the ones that will give you more profit than new customers. A large portion of the brands and businesses submit an error by overlooking their current customers are focusing on new customers underneath we have examined why you need to think often about your facilitating customer.


How to Calculate Customer Retention Rates?

Assuming you need to calculate the customer retention rate for your business then you can follow the beneath steps which will offer you a short insight into how you can calculate customer retention rate.

  • Right off the bat, it is prescribed to choose the time (month quarter, days, and that's just the beginning)

  • Then, recognize the total number of customers you had toward the start (customer bought from your online store)

  • In the wake of recognizing that next, you need to divide the total number of customers you had toward the start and end of the time.

  • Toward the finish of the time, you may have acquired new customers so before partitioning you can subtract new customers by the total number of customers toward the finish of the time.

  • After distinguishing that you can divide the number of customers toward the finish of the time Prayer by the total number of customers toward the start.

  • Multiply the acquired number with 100 to get the customer retention rate.


By focusing on customer retention we are not suggesting that acquiring new customers and leads isn't useful for your business. In any case, holding your current customer ought to be your essential decision as it can help your business from numerous points of view.

As indicated by the new study, contrasted with the new customer 68% of the business/sales come from existing customers.

Persuading your current customers can require less effort and cost contrasted with your new customer since they think about your brand and service.


Customer Retention Strategies To Boost Your Revenue and Sales!

To assist with reducing this issue of losing customers, I need to show you a couple of customer retention strategies that work. How about we begin:

  • Offer a brief introduction about the customer journey

  • Use automation to re-engage customers

  • Personalize your communications

  • Set Expectations for your customer

  • Improve KPIs around customer service

  • Build strong relationships with your customers

  • Learn from customer complaints

  • Leverage customer feedback surveys

  • Highlighting product results daily

  • Leverage Customer Feedback or Survey forms

  • Share positive memories with your customer

  • Measure your customer lifetime value and segment them

  • Always learn from your previous complaints

  • Develop a frequent communication calendar

  • Invest time and money in optimizing your customer experience

  • Consistently add valuable content to your funnel

  • Offer customer service “surprises”

  • Train your customers with educational emails

  • Overdeliver on your promise

  • Measure customer lifetime value

  • Use live webinars to educate and inspire customers

  • Create a community and customer advocacy program

  • Use unbiased customer reviews and testimonials


In simple words, customer retention management is tied in with managing your customer fulfillment just as experience to keep a drawn-out relationship with the customers that you have acquired.

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Regardless of whether you have a little size business or an enterprise-level company implementing the previously mentioned customer retention strategies will unquestionably assist you with optimizing your company sales and revenue.

In any case, in case you are expecting previously mentioned customer retention strategies to give your prompt outcomes then realize that you must show restraint to see the outcomes.

A large portion of the companies need to see the quick outcomes and on the off chance that they don't discover effective and significant outcomes promptly, they shift to different techniques.

All the previously mentioned customer retention strategies are not a momentary hack but rather once you begin implementing them with persistence then it will offer you revenue-generating results.