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  • Cloud hosting, no doubt offers customers a slew of benefits, making it one of the popular hosting packages today. However, there are also a number of disadvantages that should be considered. Here are just a few of the downsides that are associated with cloud computing.





    There are security risks to consider when choosing a public cloud solution. Just like the name implies, a public cloud is shared by the public, usually by several thousands of customers. This poses an obvious security risk, especially if your organization has sensitive data and/or has to meet certain regulatory requirements. So a cautionary tip is not to keep anything on that cloud that you would not want compromised, as storing in the cloud actually means you are storing it on the Internet. Even though there are cloud computing providers that claim that they have the most secure and sophisticated data security systems, storing important files and sensitive data is always a risk. For organizations that worry about the associated security risks, there are private and hybrid alternatives. However, these also come with their fair share of security risks. In other words, before you choose a cloud option make sure that you understand the different security risks that are associated with each one.



    Possible Downtime:



    Cloud computing is done over the Internet; therefore, it is completely dependent on a connection to the Internet. In other words, cloud services are down when the Internet is down. Also, when the Internet connection is running slow this can affect the output of your enterprise. And if you do not have the proper backup or alternative Internet connection, then your operations and system may become idle. That is why it is crucial to go with a cloud hosting provider that have a proven track record for providing reputable and dependable services.



    Cloud hosting solutions can minimize the costs associated with hardware and staffing costs, however, what most don't realize is that there can be unpredicted costs. Costs like migration and data storage; just to list a few. Not to mention that costs of cloud computing are ever changing so it is important to keep track of current pricing.


    As you can see there can be many disadvantages in cloud computing, however, if you set up the right environment your organization can greatly benefit from cloud computing.