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What are Hosting

What are Web Hosting Services and Why Do You Need Them?

Simply put, having a website built is not enough because you must obtain hosting services in order to make your website available on the World Wide Web. A hosting provider and web services do just that, as you are able to get your website the network connectivity in order to make it available to the world. In this post you will discover exactly what types of hosting services are available so that you are best able to choose the package that is right for your website.


Shared Hosting

  • The first and perhaps the most popular web hosting package is shared hosting. Shared hosting is just as the name implies, as you will share your server with many other websites. This means that you will share the resources, maintenance and costs with the other sites that reside on your shared server. Also, shared web hosting packages are fully managed by your hosting company and this is fully included in the cost of  your web hosting package. These are just a few reasons why shared web hosting is so popular. Some things that make it unpopular is the fact that they are shared servers. Having a shared account means that you share the resources, so when a website hogs the resources on the server that means that there is nothing left for your website causing serious performance issues.


Virtual Private Server

  • Next, VPS hosting is possibly the fastest growing web hosting package that is available in the hosting industry today. Virtual private servers (VPS) are servers that have been split into virtual partitions where your website will reside and is completely separate from other sites on your server. And the reason that virtual private servers are becoming so popular is because they offer some of the best attributes of both dedicated and shared hosting packages. Like shared hosting, VPS plans are very affordable and are priced to fit most budgets. Like dedicated hosting, VPS hosting comes with more resources, security, privacy and control. Not to mention that virtual private servers come with the option to have your package managed by the hosting provider or you have the option to manage your server yourself.


Dedicated Hosting

  • Last, there is dedicated hosting which is the most suitable for larger websites that need all of the resources that dedicated web hosting provides. Dedicated servers are just as the name implies, servers that are dedicated only to your website. This means that all of the resources are dedicated to your website. This also means that you are have the extra security, privacy and control that having a server all to yourself affords your website. Like VPS hosting, you also have the option to have your server managed by your hosting provider or you can manage your server yourself.

In conclusion having a website is not enough as you will also need web hosting services in order to make your website available on the World Wide Web. Just be sure that you chose a web hosting package that suits your website and business.