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Windows Reseller Hosting

If you decide to become a reseller and go with Windows hosting, you will be able to reap substantial benefits. Why? With windows reseller hosting, there is lesser competition. Unlike a swarm of Linux resellers out there, there aren’t many Windows resellers. With less competition, you get a greater portion of the market, which results in bigger profits.

For resellers, windows hosting packages offer all-in-one solutions just like in Linux. What makes Linux and Windows different is in their web development tools; it entirely depends on what language you are using. Scripts such as ASP.Net, MS Access, and MySQL databases are ideal for Windows hosting. Additionally, Windows and Linux are both highly secure; it just depends on the server setup and user management.  

So what can you benefit from Windows reseller hosting should you decide to choose this as your hosting platform?

Microsoft applications compatibility

Microsoft owns Windows, so it is compatible with different Microsoft applications and software. This familiarity with Microsoft applications and tools lets webmasters to develop their websites easily, interactively, and efficiently. It is also less complicated if you run Windows servers because it offers well-designed features that help you better manage your websites. These Microsoft features provide reliable end-to-end server management, making windows hosting less intricate to run and operate.

Powerful features

Windows hosting plans offer improved security features and innovative applications required for hosting your websites. It also comes with a familiar, easy-to-use interface that is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Also, windows hosting allows you to run various applications, no matter what language it is written. You can run your websites based on MySQL, PHP or PERL scripts and let all your applications run on the same server to make tasks easier for you. Powerful applications such as ASP.NET, which aren’t available on Linux reseller hosting plans, enable you to run efficient content management systems (CMS).

Vast support

Aside from the compatibility with Microsoft products, windows hosting is integrated with a wide range of support from multiple Windows components. For instance, websites that run on the UNIX-based system can be hosted by a windows-based server. The windows hosting control panel is essentially clustered and uses Active Directory technology, which is also a Microsoft product.


All the Linux panels are available in Windows, where its own panels are also included. This makes windows hosting amazingly cost-effective. Plus, websites designed to be hosted on Linux can be easily moved to Windows.

If you are still having doubts getting Windows Reseller Hosting, you should know that it is at least capable as Linux when it comes to web hosting. Don't fall prey to misconceptions that Linux is more ideal than Windows. Windows hosting is just as profitable, reliable, and affordable for use because everyone is familiar with this type of platform, thus making it easy to maintain various tasks by both novices and expert users alike.