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Web Hosting & Hosting Terms

Popular Types of Hosting

Web Hosting services that allow personal or organizations to make their websites accessible via the globally.

There are a lot of terms in the web hosting industry, making it difficult to know what is just right for your website. Here are some of the most popular web hosting terms that you should familiarize yourself with before purchasing a web hosting package.


Shared Hosting

Are you a small to medium website that does not expect a lot of traffic? Then shared hosting is just right for you. Shared web hosting is when you share your server, resources, operating system, maintenance and costs with many other websites, making it the most economical and popular web hosting package that is available today.


VPS Hosting

Do you need more resources and control than shared hosting offers but need still want a price tag that looks more like shared hosting? If you answered yes, then VPS hosting is the perfect plan for you. VPS hosting is a server that has been virtually split into partitions where your website will reside. Different from shared hosting, VPS hosting gives your website its own full fledged operating system as well as guaranteed resources.


Dedicated Server Hosting

Do you have a medium to large website that requires full control, resources, security and privacy not offered by shared and VPS hosting? If yes, then dedicated server hosting is best plan for your website. A dedicated server is much like the name implies, as it is dedicated exclusively to your website. Dedicated hosting is very similar to VPS hosting, however, the only difference is that you get more resources and security.


Managed Hosting

Are you too busy to manage your server? Or do you have little to no technical skill? Then managed web hosting is just right for you. Managed dedicated servers are servers that a hosting company can fully manage for you, as they will be responsible for network availability, server hardware, applying security/OS/app updates, weekly back-ups, 24/7 performance monitoring, rebooting, software and other applications installation & troubleshooting.


Unmanaged Hosting 

Are you a webmaster or a developer that has the technical skill and the resources to manage your own servers? Then unmanaged web hosting is just right for you. With unmanaged dedicated servers are fully managed by you, meaning that your hosting provider will only provide you with hardware, network connectivity and space for your server.


Linux Hosting

Is your website written in or will it be written in PHP, Perl, Python or CGI scripting? Yes, then Linux is the correct operating system for your website. Linux is a variation of the UNIX based open source operating system that has been widely used in the hosting industry for providing web server, email hosting, database and DNS services.


Windows Hosting

Is your website written in or will it be written in ASP or ASP.NET? If you answered yes then Windows hosting is just right for your website. Windows is a widely popular operating system that is developed and maintained by Microsoft. Possibly the biggest advantage of using Windows is that most applications are Windows based, therefore, other Microsoft products integrate easily into the Windows operating system.