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Dedicated servers are commonly used by medium to large-scale businesses who want to host their heavy-traffic websites. This type of web hosting is considered to be the next step from shared or virtual private server environments.

What makes Dedicated Servers worth the investment?

Having your own dedicated server enables your websites to have higher availability, performance, and reliability. But first, here’s a summed up description of a dedicated server:

There is a wide range of advantages that businesses enjoy in using dedicated servers. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Non-shared server management: Since dedicated servers are only dedicated for your own use, it ensures that you are the only one that can access your data, applications, and websites. For you, this means that you monitor exactly when an application runs and which key programs should be prioritized. You also get premium bandwidth and disk space.

  2. High server security: That said, dedicated servers equip users with better security features compared to its counterparts.

    These features include:


  • Control panel: A special web application that helps you run your dedicated server. Your chosen hosting provider can give you the latest updates, like updating cPanel or Plesk control panels to the latest versions to enhance security.

  • Root access: This allows you to control all aspects of your server, determining potential security issues that have infected it.

  • Backup: This is an important security feature. Your hosting provider should provide daily or scheduled back up for continuity. This typically comes free of cost with all server plans.

  • Log-in session: Your browser must be able to detect if you are entering a non-secure environment. Dedicated hosting allows browser upgrades and secure log-in sessions.

  • Security scan and audits: Anti-virus scans, server monitoring, and other protection solutions come as a value-added service to all dedicated server plans.

  1. No chance of downtime: With dedicated hosting, there is zero chance of your websites slowing down and crashing. It offers increased reliability, which is no longer compromised by other poorly written scripts or security issues by other users.

  2. Customizable: You aren’t limited to some types of software applications. Dedicated hosting lets you to create your own custom applications so your hosting needs are catered for. Plus, you are free to run almost any type of application or web service.

  3. Comes with fully managed services: It doesn’t matter if you’re an IT startup or a large corporation. Dedicated servers offer fully managed services, where the hosting company does the technical maintenance tasks for you. You can always contact the technical support team to aid you whenever you have bumped into server issues.

All these advantages indicate that dedicated servers are logical options for many businesses to maximize their IT performance. Hosting websites, in general, doesn't require a dedicated server, BUT…


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