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Along with a wide array of benefits, online businesses also come with a number of challenges. One of the major challenges is to keep your clients happy. Clients have multiple online and offline mediums to connect with your support team and many times it becomes quite difficult to handle the client queries. Besides, the unsatisfied clients can post negative reviews about your support system on social media and review sites that negatively affect your brand. For maximizing your revenue and profits, you have to retain the existing clients, increase the scope of sales and keep on making your products more user-friendly. So, the better you understand and serve your clients the better will you be able to offer the services that perfectly align with their needs and demands. Eventually, it can help you a great way to enhancing your sales revenue. We have already written some good blogs on how to deliver great customer service. So, this blog is dedicated to 2 best industry tools to offer great customer services.

Service Hub by Hubspot

Hubspot is a highly reputed brand and they offer a full-service customer support product that is equally helpful for big brands as well as small businesses and start-ups.

Best Features of Service Hub

  • With the help of Universal Inbox, you can keep the entire team on the same page that helps them better coordination and eventually helps them to deliver great customer services.
  • The automated ticket feature saves your customer support executives from unnecessary clerical tasks as it automatically converts the emails into tickets. Additionally, it also allows executives to use canned responses and templates. For better support rendering, it also helps them to use the short videos that promise better clarity.
  • Your account comes equipped with VOIP that can be used either via phone or directly from your account interface. It offers quick real-time and more personal support to keep your clients happy.
  • One of the major issues of any client service executive is to offer answers to regular queries many times a day. With the live chatbots facility, the routine queries are quickly answered without burdening your support staff. All you have to do s to include answers to such regular queries in your support documentation. The chatbot can effectively converse with the client and take them to the related support documents. For more specific queries it can also connect them directly with the available support executive.
  • Other features include customer feedback, in-built emails and tickets, and live chatbots.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce is globally recognized and respected for its proven CRM capabilities that can actively help you to deliver a great experience to your existing clients. One of the best thing about its Service cloud is that it utilizes the AI capabilities that not only automates the things but also interact with your clients in a better more human way.

  • With its strong integration capabilities, the case management feature can put together the entire customer data that helps your support staff in a better understanding of the present status of any ticket. In fact, it can even decide the most suitable support staff who is eligible for handling a specific query that further ensures the best purpose-specific support and keeps your clients happy.
  • With its optimized search feature, the Salesforce help your clients quickly find the answer to a specific relevant query.
  • Another major issue with quality support is the lengthy process of finding all the relevant details about a customer before calling them up. Talking with a support executive who doesn’t know the vital details of a specific client can annoy the client and spoils his experience. The Salesforce cloud displays the key details about the account of any customer when they choose to call them via the service cloud console. It helps the support executives to confidently talk with the client and deliver them a better service.
  • It also offers deep analytics to the customer service team that allows them to spot the strengths and weaknesses and take ideal decisions based on the same for optimizing the client service and offering better satisfaction to the clients.
  • Other features of the cloud include live chat via AI enabled chatbots and Multichannel support.


Delivering good customer service is not an easy task for online businesses. However, there are various power tools that can help you enrich your user experience by facilitating the work of your support team and enhancing their quality. In this blog, we have presented the best tools and mentioned their specific features that allow you to keep your clients happy by offering them great services.