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Among the various blogging platforms that you've probably looked up online, WordPress comes out on top as the most popular choice for blogging among beginners and advanced users alike.




Actually, there are two types of WordPress platforms: and users have their blogs hosted by WordPress. A subdomain website (ex. will be designated to you as you sign up at no cost. However, you won't be getting any full access to specific features like plugins, widgets, Yoast SEO, etc). Plus, this type of WordPress platform is "ad-supported," meaning ads will be popping up randomly on your page. If you're building a business, you certainly don't want random ads, but your own ads displayed on your site.


For, you need to find a reliable web hosting provider to host your website. You'll also get to pick your own domain name and customize themes, html and CSS codes, etc. Simply put, gives you complete control over modifying your content and codes to better suit your business needs.


Now, we've come to choosing the type hosting for your WordPress-based websites.


Types of web hosting include shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated server.


By far, shared hosting is a popular hosting option used by WordPress users. Despite its popularity, however, users often do not understand what is Shared WordPress hosting.


Before taking the shared WordPress hosting leap, we recommend you to read through this article so you know what is shared WordPress hosting, and what are its benefits.


What is shared WordPress hosting?


Shared web hosting is an affordable type of hosting where you'll be sharing your server assets, such as memory, space, etc., between you and other users on the same server.


So what’s the deal with Shared WordPress Web Hosting?


One of the perks of having a shared hosting solution is being a great business starter. Shared WordPress hosting is created for small websites and WordPress bloggers. It works pretty nicely in terms of performance and reliability.


Benefits of shared WordPress hosting


Here are some of the benefits of a Shared WordPress Hosting package:

  • It is an economical hosting option; the server maintenance fees are shared by multiple websites.

  • It comes with easy-to-use admin and control panels like cPanel and WHM.

  • It includes highly-trained IT professionals to answer your most pressing tech issues.

  • Since you'll be provided tech support, it enables you to focus on your business and not worry about uptimes and maintenance.

  • You can upgrade without any difficulties since web hosts offer multiple hosting services as your site grows.


Finally, don't forget to look up a reliable and trustworthy web host provider that includes shared hosting plans packed with features that are appropriate for your WordPress hosting needs.