Domain name is one of the most important resources for any person who wishes to start an online business. It is just like the address of your shop when you intend to start your own chain of superstores in your city. Just like you can’t even think of starting your own shop without having an address, in the same way, the online “opening” of your store cannot be possible without buying a domain name. And just like in the real life we have the dedicated real estate professionals to offer the required piece of land to the aspiring shopkeeper, in the same way; there are many professionals in online arena offering the domain names for the businesses. There are others who call themselves as domain investors and would involve in buying and selling of domain names at a profit. If you are a novice domain investor, also interested in making money then this guide can be helpful:

Look for Value Proposition

Value proposition matters the most when you are buying a domain name for the profit. Keeping a few basic points in mind will help you in a great way in making the wise decision that will help you to earn a good profit on your purchased domain names:


CcTLDs might look tempting but it is actually the generic TLDs that offer you the better opportunities to earn. Dotcom, Dotorg and Dotnet are more familiar to the people and add a peculiar but a definite layer of trust to any website they are associated with. Besides, it is more common for the people to search for these generic TLDs. There are other benefits too.

  • Generic TLDs are cheaper; most preferred by established brands and fortune500 companies and can be fitted to any name without sounding unnatural
  • Though their popularity makes them cheaper, the sheer volume of clients will make it easy for you to earn good revenue out of them.

Digital payment methods

Most of the domain names transaction is carried out through digital payment methods so having a PayPal account can be helpful. It could play a vital role in finalizing decision of the potential client as many clients have an unsympathetic attitude towards the sellers who will not have digital payment facility. Besides, rapid transaction always helps

Earn by ads

If you don’t have any plans to use your domain for an online business or don’t have the content to show on it then you can seriously think about approaching the domain parking series. These services exhibit dummy pages with ads and when visitors click those ads your cash registers start ringing.

  • The strategy is the best fit for the most appealing, keyword-rich domain names that attract huge traffic
  • You have to be prepared for facing some restrictions though. For instance, you cannot decide or control the ads that are appearing on your domain name.

Misspelled domain names- intentionally or unintentionally

Many domain names are misspelled, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Buying such domain names is a bad choice. They may look a bit different and even quirky but from the business point of view, they don’t make a good fit. You won’t find many people looking for or even accepting a misspelled domain name and may also have to prepare to face a huge bargain.

No confusing extra suffixes or prefixes

Likewise, buying the names with extra suffixes or prefixes that don’t really add any value, is also a bad choice. Letters like my, e or u being used as suffixes or prefixes will not really attract the clients or even repel the natural clients who would normally jumped at buying your domain name sans prefix or suffix. is an exception and you don’t expect the exceptions to happen quite often.


Auctions sound exciting and they really help when it comes to finding the right type of domain names at your desired prices. However scams galore and you can never be completely sure about the authenticity of the domain names sales happening on small, unknown sites.

  • Always opt for the reputed marketplaces like
  • Even if you are not able to find a good fit you can at least gain an idea of the current market scenarios and prevailing prices and that can help y take the informed decision
  • Occasionally you may also find some innovative ways in which you can sell your domain names or add to their values