How many domain names can I have in one account?

Reseller hosting plans allow to host multiple client domains with separate control panel to give your clients.

How many POP3 accounts can I have in one account?

There is no limit.

How many ODBC links can I have in one account?

There is no limit.

How many FTP accounts can I have in one account?

There is no limit.

Do you offer Cold Fusion hosting?

No, We do not offer coldfusion hosting.

What is your connection to the Internet?

We are connected to a 8GBPS of Bandwidth from Multiple providers like Level3, ATT, UUNet. On each machine we have the capacity to burst up to 1000Mbits of data per second.

Does 2gbhosting run Windows NT or Unix?

2gbhosting servers run Windows 2003 (Fully NT Compatible), Windows 2008 and Unix(RedHat and CentOS).

Do you support international domains?

Yes, We are able to host most international domains.

Can I get a dialup account with you?

No, we specialize in web hosting. You will need to get dialup access through your local ISP.

What about sendmail stuff in ASP?

CDOSYS is supported, Please do not ask for CDONTS, its old enough.

Can I serve WAP content at 2gbhosting?

Yes. All of the 2gbhosting web servers have the proper WAP MIME types installed.

Can I have my own dns like

Yes, This service comes free with all reseller hosting accounts.

What is the minimum contract length?

Depending on service packages,we have monthly and yearly plans.

Is this for real? How can you guys offer multiple domain hosting for a flat rate?

We have a highly automated system, which reduces administrative overhead. Without our web control panel, it would be impractical to offer multiple domain hosting for a flat rate.

If I have bunches of domains, POPs, and ODBC links, are you going to bill me with some hidden fee?

No, we do not have any hidden fee. You can have as many domains, POPs, ODBC links as you need without any additional fees.

Will you guys do custom dns work for me? (ex: route various names within my domains to other servers)?

No, we do not do any custom dns work. Our web control panel automates everything needed to host websites and email on our servers. Doing custom dns work negates the cost saving of having an automated system , but you can manage dns for each domain via the control panel.

Do you offer MS-SQL support?

Yes, we offer MS-SQL 2005 and and SQL Server 2008 database hosting. We also support MySQL on Unix servers.

Is there any way that I can connect to my SQL Server database via Enterprise Manager?

Yes, view the instructions for SQL Server on this site in member area.

Do you offer telephone technical support?

Yes we have local toll free and direct numbers for major countries, but for technical support - our ticketing system is much more effective because it direct routes to concern staff.

Can we see some of the sites you host?

Most of our clients are virtual web hosting companies. We respect our clients, which means we do not use them to sell accounts to new customers. But you can see that we provide hosting to State and country govts., Banks and corporates.

Do you host domains?

Yes, we host domains and all other country level domains.

Do you support Java Servlets?

Yes, but for this you need to pay extra.

Do you support JSP (java server pages)?

Yes, but for this you need to pay extra.

Can I send bulk, yet target email using your servers?

No. We consider bulk email of any kind to be spam. We do not tolerate spam.

Can I order unlimited storage space?

No, but we offer multiple disk space brackets. Check our pricing page for details.

Can I order unlimited bandwidth?

No, but we offer multiple bandwidth brackets. Check our pricing page for details.

Can I try out an account for a while before I decide to buy?

We do not offer a trial but we offer 7 days money back guarantee.

How many IP addresses do I get?

We do not give you an IP. All of the sites we host are mapped to the IP of the server you are hosted on.

Do I get telnet access?

No, and with Windows servers, there is no reason you will need telnet access.

Can my POP accounts be

Yes. In fact, you can have as many POP accounts as your need within your domain name and within all of the domains you host.

Can I forward all of the email from my domain to one email account?

Yes. You can create an account called catchall. That is the account that email will go to if the email is sent to an account name within the domain that does not exist.

Which version of Perl do you guys use?

On Unix we provide perl5.

What is the path to perl?


Do I get the ability to set a subdirectory as password protected, and then maintain the list of user id's and passwords?

Yes, you can do that using our web control panel on both Linux and Windows Servers.

Can I set this up so and both map to the same place?

By default and always map to the same place.

Can I set it up so that would map to a different subdirectory?

You can map and to other URL subdirectories within your account. That functionality is handled through the web control panel.

Do your servers have the runtimes for Visual Basic installed?

All of our servers have the VB5/VB6 runtimes installed. Additionally, we have installed most of the ActiveX components that ship with VB6.

Is there any additional fee for using different ASP/.net versions?

There is no additional fee for using different ASP/.net versions, in fact you can set ASP version yourself from panel.

Can I change my default page from index.html to default.asp?

On Unix we have index.html and index.htm and other extensions. On Windows default.asp default.htm are default pages.

Error: Connection with Host: header containing unknown local host name

That error means that the server config has not been refreshed since the site was added. When you add a new domain, it is perfectly normal to see a 400 error or Under Construction until the server refreshes

I just created a new ODBC link, but I cannot get it to work.

The web control panel lets your create ODBC links and make changes to it. Please validate usernames and passwords..

Do you support VBScript 5 on your servers?

We are using the latest version of the MS scripting engine.

How can my clients change their email account passwords?

The clients have their own control panel to make changes to their passwords, although the reseller also has ability to do the same.

Do you guarantee a certain level of uptime?

No, we do not guarantee any specific quality of service. Our web service uptime is currently 99.99%.

Do you offer PHP hosting?

Yes PHP4 , PHP5 and php6 isis available on Unix servers.

How long does it typically take for a site to 'go live' after I register the domain with Internic and set up the domain at 2gbhosting?

When you set up a domain at 2gbhosting, it is set up immediately on our main server. So most of the time sites get activate immediately.

Is there any way to have a cgi-bin for each domain under my account?

Yes, every domain you host at 2gbhosting can have its own cgi-bin. When you create a new domain using the web control panel, the web control panel adds a cgi-bin mapping for the new site. All you need to do to use the cgi-bin mapping is create the physical cgi-bin directory in the directory that the new site is mapped to.