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SSL Certificate Plans At Affordable Rates

Rapid SSL

1250.00Per Year

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  • Information Entered Into A User's Browser Can Be Passed On Securely To Your Customer's Site.
  • Certificate Is Provisioned In Less Than 10 Minutes.
  • Proposed For Sites Which Perform Low Volume Commerce.
  • Can Be Registered For One To Three Years.

Why Choose An SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is the quickest and most affordable plus cost-effective way to protect online businesses. Apart from low cost, each certificate comes up with a great value-add package that makes it perfect for small to medium-size businesses.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. Secure SSL certificates validate your website's identity and encrypt the information which the visitors send to your website or they receive from your site. This keeps cyber attackers, malicious thieves from spying on your computers.

By choosing 2gbHosting affordable SSL certificates, your site will enjoy the highest security levels. We provide 3 different kinds of SSL certificates: RapidSSL, QuickSSL, and QuickSSL premium. Our SSL’s dynamic site seal features like ‘point-to-verify' technology provides real-time verification of your security credentials.


SSL Certificate At Your Site Increases Audience’s Trust

Our incredibly secure and affordable SSL certificates give your site the ability to provide your clients with secure protection from the Internet scams. Also, increase your reliability and results in the conversion of more clients. SSL certificates give your visitors high assurance that their personal information and data will never be hacked, keeping everything securely encrypted.

At 2gbHosting, we offer a wide range of SSL certificates where our Premium SSL option is more valuable. Our affordable SSL certificates provide quick setup and make HTTPS very easy! Enhance your web hosting account with 2gbHosting and your website with our SSL certificate to increase visitors' trust, website traffic, website security, and more!

A few features of 2gbHosting SSL certificates are as follows


Fast online automated validation


Complete phone, mail and web support


Protect multiple websites, servers, subdomains


Boost google search ranking


Free website vulnerability scanning


SSL certificate management tool


Cyberthreat protection


Phishing protection

SSL Certificate - Industry Best Solution!

Not only 2gbHosting offers a range of SSL Certificate options but is a trustworthy SSL Certificate provider. Also, we provide the following add-on services!

360-Degree Synchronization

Private Labeled

Anti-Virus Protection

Auto Responder

SSL Certificate

Priority Inbox Deliver

Standard Email

Cloud Application

Free Value Added Services Benefits

Easy Control Panel
21+ Years Of Trust
Best IT Infrastructure
Softaculous Installer
High-Speed Domain
99.95% Uptime
Email Delivery Services
24x7 Support Everyday

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FAQs On SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that is often used to protect server-to-browser communication. This usually refers to the protection of any information sent to a web server by a browser, such as a customer's credit card number or password, by an online store or online banking program.
An SSL certificate encrypts data that a user inputs into your websites. A user gives its sensitive data to us; hence, it’s our duty to secure your data when it travels from their browser to your web servers. For this, every website needs an SSL certificate.
After you buy the SSL certificate at 2GBHosting, you need to activate it. For this, our assistants guide you on the phone and live chats. It usually would take around two to three hours to get an SSL security certification for your website, personal or business.
Advantage of SSL certificates is that it helps secure websites and users from a range of attacks. It helps prevent eavesdropping, impersonation, data theft, identity theft and Man-in-the-middle attacks as it encrypts all data in transit. It reduces the risk of phishing attacks.
By choosing 2GBHosting’s affordable SSL certificates, your site will enjoy the highest security levels.Our SSL’s dynamic site seal features like ‘point-to-verify' technology provides real-time verification of your security credentials.


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