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5 GB Storage 1 Email Account Includes spam
Virus filtering Free Migration 0.00/ Year

Personalized Email Hosting Solution

The increase of junk emails, computer viruses and other email abuses are a serious threat to the stability and reliability of your business and even your personal emails. To combat these threats, our fully managed email hosting services effectively secure your personal and business emails, preventing existing and growing email threats from reaching your network. With our email hosting services you have the ability to filter email traffic, so that your website is safe from spam emails, virus attacks and exhausted bandwidth. Specifically, all of these unnecessary emails are sorted out on our Internet server before reaching your email server, so that you and your intended recipients can receive emails that are free from viruses and spam.

The 2GBHosting support team is always on hand to help you with your email hosting. Whether it is advice on choosing the best email hosting solution or when you simply need help setting up your new email account, we are here to help you via the phone, email and live chat.

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