Domain Name Registration Price (/yr) Renewal Price (/yr) Transfer Price (/yr)
.com  13.00 /Year  13.00 /Year  13.00 /Year
.net  14.00 /Year  14.00 /Year  14.00 /Year
.org  15.00 /Year  15.00 /Year  15.00 /Year
.in  15.00 /Year  15.00 /Year  15.00 /Year
.biz  18.00 /Year  18.00 /Year  18.00 /Year
.info  18.00 /Year  18.00 /Year  18.00 /Year
.name  12.00 /Year  12.00 /Year  12.00 /Year
.mobi  25.00 /Year  25.00 /Year  25.00 /Year  11.00 /Year  11.00 /Year  11.00 /Year  12.00 /Year  12.00 /Year  12.00 /Year  12.00 /Year  12.00 /Year  12.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  10.00 /Year  10.00 /Year  10.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year
.eu  11.00 /Year  11.00 /Year  11.00 /Year
.us  10.00 /Year  10.00 /Year  10.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year
.asia  15.00 /Year  15.00 /Year  15.00 /Year
.tv  40.00 /Year  40.00 /Year  40.00 /Year
.co  40.00 /Year  40.00 /Year  40.00 /Year
.ca  30.00 /Year  30.00 /Year  30.00 /Year  19.00 /Year  19.00 /Year  19.00 /Year  19.00 /Year  19.00 /Year  19.00 /Year  30.00 /Year  30.00 /Year  30.00 /Year
.me  36.00 /Year  36.00 /Year  36.00 /Year
.shiksha  20.00 /Year  20.00 /Year  20.00 /Year
.uk  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year  9.00 /Year
.pro  14.00 /Year  14.00 /Year  14.00 /Year
.online  28.00 /Year  40.00 /Year  40.00 /Year
.cloud  3.00 /Year  18.00 /Year  18.00 /Year
.io  70.00 /Year  70.00 /Year  70.00 /Year
.business  7.00 /Year  7.00 /Year  7.00 /Year
.company  7.00 /Year  7.00 /Year  7.00 /Year
.email  0.00 /Year  0.00 /Year  0.00 /Year

Domain Name Registration Services | Domain Name Transfers

At 2GBHosting we offer cost effective, secure, fast and reliable domain name registration services, including: registering a domain, transferring a domain, renewing a domain name and buying a domain.

Domain Name Transfers

Not happy with your current domain registrar? Or do you just want to have your domain and hosting all in the same place? Then, you will want to transfer your domain. At 2GBHosting, we make transferring your domain an easy process. Here are the steps that are taken when transferring your domain to 2GBHosting.

1. Verify that the domain name is eligible for transfer:

To make sure your domain name can be transferred, log in to your current registrar and check the following:

  • The initial registration of the domain name should be at least 60 days ago
  • The domain has been with your current registrar for at least 60 days.
  • The domain name is not on hold with your current registrar

2. Prepare your domain for transfer:

  • Disable WHOIS privacy protection tool or private registration for your domain.
  • Verify you have access to the email within the domain’s WHOIS administrative contact.
  • Unlock your domain – remove the registrar lock you may have set for added security.
  • Obtain the EPP code (transfer authorization code) from the current registrar.

3. Submit your transfer to 2GBHosting

  • Contact and provide us with your EPP code or log into your account to submit your code to initiate your transfer

4. Check your email for the verification request.

  • The email will be sent to the administrative contact on your domain’s WHOIS. This may take a few hours to arrive (and please be sure to check your spam folders just in case). If you have not received this within a few hours of your initial request, please contact support for assistance.

Tips For Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website

The domain name (website name) that you choose for your website is imperative because it is how you will establish your online business and brand. Not to mention, your domain name is also how your customers and search engines will find you. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the name that perfectly suits your business.

  • Choose a domain that best describes your business, so your customers can easily find you.
  • If your business has a lengthy name you can use the initials of your company's name.
  • Your domain name should be attractive to catch the attention of your visitors.
  • Your domain name should be short enough to remember.
  • Also, you should have a few backup names picked out just in case your favourite name is already taken.

Our Domain Name Registration Process

Once you have chosen the perfect domain name, then the domain name registration process is as easy as the following:

  • Initiate the process by entering your preferred domain name on the registration form. Once entered, a WHOIS search will be performed to make sure that your name is available. If it is not, you will need to enter your backup names until you arrive at one that is available.
  • Next, you will need to configure the domain names in your shopping cart by simply selecting the add-on services you would like, providing required information for them and defining the name servers that you will use.
  • To fully complete the process you will enter your payment information. Make sure that you have your credit card handy at the time of registration, because there is no guarantee that your name will still be available if you delay the registration process.