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Poor Web Hosting Impact

How Web Hosting Can Affect your Business

Your website is your digital platform that helps you to showcase and sell your products/services, meet potential partners and attract investors. Thus, having a fully functional, impressive website is very important in order to enjoy the best business benefits. However, even the best website fails to leave any impact if our web hosting quality is poor. So, you should be careful while choosing the web hosting provider for your website. There are various ways in which poor web hosting can negatively affect your digital business:


Denying Easy Access

Poor web hosting results in frequent downtimes that may deny the access to your website thus barring internet users from knowing about the products/services you sell and their USP. At the same time the internet users would not be able to access any periodical updates about latest product launches, seasonal discounts or promos.

In short it will put a big question mark on the very purpose of your website investment- i.e. offering global audience a 24x7x365 unchallenged access to your digital business place where they can know about your brand and products, select what they want and make a quick online purchase. Overall your sales, marketing and branding suffers and you are forced to stay behind your competitors who have invested in a good hosting partner.

Negatively Impact Direct Sales

One of the major objectives of setting a digital store is to multiply your sales by transcending geographical limitations and extending your reach to the potential clients across the globe. They can visit your site, select their desired products/services and order the same with a hassle free online payment procedure. It is a big relief for the visitors who don’t want to involve in any legwork, waiting in the queue or go through other hassles associated with traditional buying experience. The frequent downtimes interrupt with the shopping session and force the audience to leave your site without completing their shopping.


That means losing a significant value of potential sales every month! Thus it negatively impacts the key factor that decides the overall RoI of your ecommerce investment (setting up + running costs). Hence you might end up incurring heavily without getting any good returns that makes your ecommerce expenditure a wastage of money!


Minimises the Strength of SEO Optimisation Strategies

Every year you spend a huge amount on SEO endeavours. It involves the resources like time, efforts and money. However, the entire investment proves to be futile when your site experiences frequent downtimes thanks to your substandard web hosting series. The worst part is that your own website ‘forces” your SEO endeavours minimizes them or even stunts the impact of your SEO endeavours by challenging easy access to your site.

As a bonus negative point, frequent downtime also warns the search engine that your site is not user-friendly and gives them a valid reason to revise (read “lower down”) your position on the relevant search results page.


Can Impact Data Security

There is no sure shot way of keeping your security intact data. The best solution is strong backup process. The high quality web hosting providers are more committed ad equally capable) to offering the premium experience to the clients even during  adverse conditions. That is why they have a well planned backup strategy where they backup your data on a remote server so that in any untoward situation you should be able to retrieve most of your data. Right from regular backup maintenance till agile recovery process, each phase is meticulously handled by reputed hosting providers. You cannot expect such a premium backup planning from cheap web hosting providers.