What Is the Difference Between Domain and Web Hosting?

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When you decide to build a website for your organization or service, you will be presented with several abbreviations and technical jargon. People who are unfamiliar with the language used to create and maintain websites may become perplexed by terminologies like CSS, HTML, and others.

How to Grow Reseller Hosting Business?

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Running a business is not that much easy these days. You have to incur a lot of capital and effort to exist in the market. There are different types of businesses. One among which is the Hosting business. Currently, there are millions of websites that belong to different businesses or individuals. These websites need to be hosted on different servers for making them visible to all users. With the increase in demand for hosting. The need for hosting service providers has also grown.

How to Easily Replace a URL With Another Domain

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There are several businesses operating these days. Every business has its own website. These websites are mostly used to display the products and services of that business. Sometimes these websites face some issues that make them change their URL. Changing the URL of any website is one the challenging processes on its own. As your website becomes old it has its unique identity and popularity in the terms of domain ranking and authority. That this thing might not be removed or lost while changing the URL with another domain.

5 Reasons Why you Need an SSL HTTPS for your Website

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What is SSL/HTTPS?

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer and HTTP is known as hyper text transfer protocol. This protocol maintains the security of your website which consists of several web pages. Hyper text transfer protocol is basically used to transfer the data between two systems using the network. SSL protects your data while transferring from third-party attackers.

10 Easy Tips for Securing Your cPanel Server

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What is cPanel?

cPanel is considered a platform used to manage a particular website or a set of websites. It is one of the most reliable Linux-based GUI (graphical user interface) using which one can handle their website with ease. Not only graphical user interface cPanel is having two different interfaces.

Shared or Reseller Hosting, Know What your Business Requires

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The quick development in the hosting industry is currently moving to the web-based stage. Most sites are being planned consistently. A significant number of them are planned in WordPress for enormous organizations. One you can't miss web hosting to assist your site with getting accessible by any means.

At the point when you store your documents, information and organizers it connects with the sort of hosting you purchase from a hosting supplier. Like VPS, reseller, shared, cloud, committed, WordPress, and so forth.

Dedicated Server: The Best Hosting Solution for Large Enterprises

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What is a Dedicated Server?

Have you considered using a dedicated server to host your online business? Without a doubt, you should think about it before deciding on dedicated server hosting. This is due to the large investment required and the fact that it is, of course, more expensive than other hosting servers. In addition, you are given a significant role in its operation and management.

Reseller Hosting: 5 Tools You Need to Consider

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What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting business. In this web hosting business, you buy the hosting resources and services from the parent web host and, further, resell them to your end customers.

Is it true that you are anticipating adding web hosting to your present business yet uncertain with regards to what you want to give a launch? It is totally fine as the vast majority go through similar disarray at the outset.

What Are The Top 3 Services That Make 2GBHosting an All-rounder?

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Top Web Hosting Services

There's most probably a ton of decisions to make when settling on the right organization to trust for hosting purposes. Make an effort not to push yourself. Today, we have what you need for your online business purposes!

At last, it's another typical scenario to get what's great, what's ideal, what works, and what doesn't! In this way, hang on and like the highest critical best website hosting services you can use for your business!