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SSL HTTPS for your Website

What is SSL/HTTPS?

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer and HTTP is known as hyper text transfer protocol. This protocol maintains the security of your website which consists of several web pages. Hyper text transfer protocol is basically used to transfer the data between two systems using the network. SSL protects your data while transferring from third-party attackers. If there is no SSL Certificate then unauthorized users or hackers can easily access these resources and can add, edit, corrupt or modify the data easily. 

SSL is a set of encryption algorithms. These algorithms firstly encrypt all the transferable data and then transfer it to the other user. These algorithms prevent all unauthorized users from accessing it. If the hackers succeed in accessing this data by implementing a data breach attack then a lot of personal data can be lost. When you use an SSL certificate for your website then the URL of this website will be included with the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol. There are several companies that are offering free SSL when you host or website builder packages from them.

We have learned about What is SSL now we will let you know 5 Reasons why you should need an SSL certificate for your website. In this blog, we are providing you with some important details about SSL.


Types of SSL Certificate

  • Single Domain SSL: If you are owning a domain name then this SSL will be useful for securing your domain. It can only be applied to Single domains. You cannot use it for other domains or even for the subdomains that you own. For that, you have to purchase a new SSL certificate.
  • Wildcard Validation SSL: On buying this SSL you can apply it also on a single domain but it supports multiple sub-domains. You can only apply it for securing a single domain and multi-subdomains. These Sub-domains on which you have applied the wildcard certificate will be listed under this SSL only. So if you are having a single domain and multiple subdomains then you can opt for this.
  • Unified Communication SSL: The Unified Communication System is capable to host multiple domains. If you are owning multiple domains then you can purchase this SSL certificate. It can host around 200+ domains and all their subdomains. All these are listed in this SSL.


5 Reasons Why SSL Certificate Is Important

  • SSL provides End To End Encryption: SSL Secure socket layer is taken by any user to ensure the safety and security of the website. Your websites are accessible to several devices that are owned by your users. To ensure the safety of the personal data of these users SSL certificate is installed on your website. Even if you are owning a free website then also you must use SSL to secure your website. SSL provides the End to end encryption for data transfer.
  • Provides your website with top search rankings: SSL is responsible to provide your website with a top ranking on different search engines. If your website will not have an SSL certificate then some of the search engines don’t even crawl it. If you have not implemented the SSL certificate then you will definitely face problems while you are indexing your website. Even google has made some changes in its crawl or indexing algorithms. These algorithms only support HTTPS pages only.
  • Making your website secure from hackers: Cyber threats are increasing day by day. If your system is not secure then hackers might breach your system. After breaching they can add, edit or delete or most of the time steal your private data. This will cause a lot of problems for you. SSL certificates protect your website from such threats and also from cybercriminals. It ensures the safety of your personal and private data. 
  • Building Trust of Audiences: Users and audiences are the most important part of any website. If you have not implemented the SSL certificate to your website. It is possible that your audiences will get the privacy and safety notification. This will let the image of your website down and due to the privacy and security notification, the traffic rate of your website might also decrease. According to a survey, more than 90% of audiences only visit websites that are secure and have an SSL certificate.
  • Meet Payment Card Industry Standards: If your website also has a payment gateway then you need to install an SSL certificate for it. This certificate Helps you in meeting the standards of the payment cards industry. Without which you cannot develop a payment gateway on your website. If there will be no SSL certificate and you are accepting payments from your audiences then there are higher chances of data breach and cyber-attacks on your website and Payment Gateway.



SSL certificate is one of the most necessary elements that you have to take care of when buying a domain. Many users purchase domains, hostings, and website builders for their website and forget to purchase an SSL certificate. Some of the companies also offer a free SSL. Whereas some charge for it. It is necessary to buy an SSL certificate when you are purchasing a domain. We have provided you with the different types of SSL certificates and also 5 importances of the SSL certificate. This certificate builds the trustworthiness of your website and helps you in protecting it from different cyber attacks and threats. That’s why it is considered as one of the most important elements of web design and development.