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Reseller Hosting Business

Key Points to Keep in Mind

One of the most popular online businesses today is reseller hosting business. It does not need you to invest huge infrastructure prices. You can buy the wholesale resources from the web host at wholesale cost and then sell them to the retail clients at retail prices. The best thing is that there are a number of ways in which a hosting reseller enhances his revenue by selling more services. So, if you are also a reseller or planning to start a reselling business soon, then here are a few tips about various other products that you can add to your portfolio for increasing the revenue possibilities:


Designing and Development

While the domain and hosting services are the most basic requirements of for starting any website, the requirements increase once the site is set up. So, instead of limiting your role as a domain and hosting provider you can venture ahead to provide the other services too like web designing and development. Depending upon your objectives and budget you can either collaborate with a reliable freelance developer/designer or hire staff on monthly payroll. The challenge lies in managing those services, you need to ensure that your client should get the best services at the fair prices.


SSL Certificates

Secured transactions have always been the top priority of online buyers. Besides, Google Chrome has now decided to visually reveal the security status using green lock icon in the address bar. Hence, the ecommerce websites who really want to create a loyal client base and increase the online sales cannot ignore SSL certificates. By adding SSL certificates to your product portfolio you can enhance your revenue earning opportunities while assisting your clients to build trust among their online buyers thus increasing their sales.


SEO Services

Once your client builds a website using your domain and hosting services, he will most possibly need SEO services at some point of time. The digital world is congested with too many players and big brands get the natural advantage. The new websites that are really serious about getting the maximum exposure and enjoying long term benefits prefer to go with managed SEO services to improve their ranking. SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy to improve the search engine ranking of websites by using targeted efforts. Think of it as a managed publicity rather than pure advertising. By offering the SEO packages to your clients you can not only assist them to enjoy a good ranking but also add some good amount to your cash registers. The best thing is that SEO is a long term and ongoing plan and so you can expect recurring income.


Content and Creative Services

Content is the king and no one can deny it. Especially the digital entrepreneurs cannot afford to ignore the content if they really want to stand out in the digital empire. But content is not all about text. It also includes graphics and other creative products. While the big companies do have a separate team for looking after the content needs and fine-tune it to get the maximum benefit, a small business or start-up may not afford it due to budget restraints. Why not promote the democracy and offer some scalable fairly priced content services to your small business clients? It will not only allow you to increase your income but will also help you to gain client loyalty by offering them value added services.