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Linux Shared Hosting

Linux Shared Hosting With cPanel

Why Linux shared hosting? The answer is simple: Linux hosting uses open-source that makes it very cost-effective for hosting websites. It uses the Linux operating system (OS) to drive its servers. If you want to go local, a Linux shared hosting India provider can offer greater compatibility, stability, and reliability with other open-source applications.

Linux shared hosting includes an easy-to-use control panel, called cPanel.

cPanel is essentially a Linux program. It is proprietary software designed to specifically work on large servers.  cPanel has the power and economy of utilizing open source operating systems like Linux. And when it comes to individual end users, they can appreciate the ease of use afforded by this type of control panel.

Indeed, cPanel makes hosting and admin tasks easily executable with as little as a click of a mouse. What makes cPanel so great are its features, which can entirely benefit you and your business.


Easy to Use Graphical Interface

One notable feature about cPanel is its highly versatile, yet easy-to-manage interface. Ad hoc tasks can easily be completed via a cPanel that would otherwise require sufficient knowledge and experience with hosting servers. For instance, this control panel provides an easily readable, rich-feature menu with graphic icons that help you achieve any task ranging from running your site files to monitoring logs that can help you better operate your website. Without cPanel, hosting would require thorough knowledge of server programming – which, let's admit it - most people don't possess that much familiarity with server management.


Manageable Email Accounts and Subdomains

cPanel is also ideal for managing email accounts and subdomains. Shared hosting packages include your choice of email accounts and subdomains. With cPanel, you can easily keep track of your emails and domains and where they are directed at so you can control, create, edit, run, and modify your existing email accounts that are linked to your hosting account. cPanel provides so much control that you can even set up and arrange auto-responders, filtering, and spam/junk protection directly from the interface in as little as a few minutes.


Cost Effective Solution 

cPanel is a preferred server management solution since it is generally low-cost. It is included in shared hosting packages, along with other features and software. So, with your chosen hosting plan, you can save up money, instead of directly purchasing this feature.

Easy Install Plugins

cPanel enables you to integrate numerous plugins into your website. These features include add-ons, forums, or surveys on your website, cPanel makes it extremely easy to install scripts and plugins, relieving you of the burden that it once was without cPanel.


Constant Updates

Last, but not least, cPanel is continuously updated and maintained. cPanel is often being improved and supported to keep bugs and spam in check. Additionally, cPanel releases updates on a daily basis depending on your hosting plan, which means they are regularly working around the clock to keep your server reliable and stable.

So, of you are going to go for a Linux shared hosting India account, look for the cPanel feature. It’s worth the investment.

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