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Choose a Reseller Hosting

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting services can be amazingly rewarding. Regardless of whether it's extra to your current business, a side hustle, or the beginning of an independent hosting services provider organization, there are a lot of approaches to make money in this space. Each site needs a web hosting administration and White label Reseller Hosting for customers is the best solution. By buying servers at discount rates on rent from web hosting service suppliers, just to resell to different locales, this reselling business of servers and hosting seems less difficult and can create a considerable ROI.


Reseller hosting is the type of hosting where you get the particular measure of assets and resources, that you can exchange to your future clients. By pursuing this reseller hosting business, you can maintain your business with tweaked and easy-to-go hosting bundles under your own organization name. As the hosting business is blasting, there is an ever-increasing number of new players coming in as Reseller Hosting suppliers. That being said, finding the correct web facilitating affiliate plan is a test.

Today, in this article, we will attempt to cover the boundaries one should take a gander at while choosing the top reseller hosting plans and furthermore recommend a couple of best reseller hosting service providers that can give you the best services lifetime.


What are The Types of Reseller Hosting?

Shared Reseller Hosting

A type of reseller hosting where different websites share resources from the same server. Typically, it is the cheapest, but the performance isn’t always great. Clients may experience slow loading times or even site crashes if other sites on the same server use up resources.


VPS Reseller Hosting

VPS stands for a virtual private server. Websites hosted on one central server, but have dedicated resources on their own virtual servers. It is an excellent option for white label resellers offering flexibility and improved performance but is more expensive than shared hosting.


Dedicated Reseller Hosting

It involves renting an entire server from a hosting provider. It provides more RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and storage to your clients. Gives top-notch performance, but it is quite expensive!


Cloud Reseller Hosting

It is new in comparison to the other hosting services, but offer better choices in reseller hosting. It's like a hybrid version of a VPS best used in scaling the resources on-demand. It offers you a 'Pay-As-You-Go' model as per your needs.


How to Choose Reseller Hosting Services?

Before you pick a Reseller hosting service, sort out your prerequisites since that will help you save spending on undesirable assets. Or maybe, you ought to spend less and get more assets. In this way, prior to getting into the which and what, let me reveal to you how you can approach picking a reseller hosting plan. To choose the modest package in reseller hosting offers, we will give you a few hints on the most proficient method to choose the best and modest reseller hosting and what are highlights that you need to search for.


Features provided by the reseller hosting package: This is most important because the popularity of the features given in the package will decide whether that provider is right for you or now. Besides, what kind of hosting is he providing in the package? Single domain, Multi-domain? And what tools? cPanel ( for Linux hosting), Plesk ( for Windows hosting?), or WHM/ WHMCS? Figure this part out first before checking price points or any other parameter. What kind of security add-ons are they giving? Make a list of these must-haves and then move on to the next point.


Uptime given by the reseller hosting provided: The health of your uptime is crucial because this is something that decides the running of your everyday business. Industry standards say that any rate above 98% is good and a 99%+ is the best. So try finding a partner that serves above 99.9% of server uptime


Customization: You may find that at times the provider could be rigid since they may not have data centers supporting their servers or maybe because they have latency issues etc. This is no reason to compromise because it can severely affect your reputation as a business. So make sure you get a deal that can be customized. Besides, it is totally possible.


Billing software: This is important because you must know how much you make and how you can manage orders for your clients and customers. Also, ensure that your provider gives you some business insights. You can understand that beforehand by asking them whether they know what kind of queries do customers have in the first place. That will get you one step up.


Reputation and share of voice in the industry: Understand the sentiment that the brand or service provider holds in the industry. If people are getting their problems solved, then it definitely is a good service provider. If not, then dump that option and hunt for a better one. I hunted for more than two months before I stumbled upon ResellerClub’s hosting plans for Resellers. So, to make things easy, I suggest you browse through their plans a bit.


Core Hosting Infrastructure: Your web hosting will flourish only when your hosting plans provide top-notch performance and maximum uptime. For this to happen, you need to ensure that the Reseller Hosting Provider has top of the line networking infrastructure to facilitate great web hosting performance. Check out their data centers and see what kind of technical specifications they are running on.


Data backup and redundancy: Ensuring data integrity and backup is another essential perk that the web hosting customers are looking out for. That being said, for your hosting business ensure that the reseller hosting provider has great backup and data redundancy solutions.


Extra Features To Look While Choosing Reseller Hosting Services!

  • Domain Reseller A/C

  • cPanel WHM & LiteSpeed

  • Unlimited cPanel Accounts & SSD Storage

  • 100% White Labeled

  • Free WHMCS license for Lifetime

  • Free SSL Certificates

  • 99.9% Uptime with 24/7 Technical support

  • Datacenter Choice

  • Free WHMCS / ClientExec

  • Free Domain Reseller A/C

  • SSD Powered Hosting

  • Free Website Migration

  • Free SSL certificate

  • Free Indian Payment Gateway

  • Free Malware Scan & Removal

  • 1-Click Installer

  • Free Website Builder

  • 100% White Labeled


This is your final list on the basis of our research on choosing a reseller hosting service provider company.



Today every website and web application on the internet needs a web hosting service. Though there is a number of hosting service providers, and there’s no shortage of potential prospects, especially in the reseller hosting world.


The only requirement oned needs is to successfully choose a reseller hosting company!


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