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Cloud Hosting VS. Traditional Hosting

Cloud Hosting Vs Traditional Hosting

One of the most popular forms of hosting that is being liked by the top bloggers as well as e-commerce sites is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting offers a wide spectrum of benefits to the websites as well as the audience. However, there are still some concerns on whether one should buy cloud hosting or go for the traditional types of hosting like shared hosting plans, VPS hosting or dedicated server. So, here is a brief guide that explains the key points to help you take a wise decision when in dilemma between choosing from cloud hosting or traditional hosting options:


Cloud Hosting Vs. Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, a single server is used to host many websites and the resource pool (including disk space. RAM and other CPU assets) is divided among all.

 When you purchase a cloud hosting package there is a massive stock of resources that is quickly scalable without affecting the performance of other sites. Hence not only does it offer more efficient scalability but also the process of allocating more resources tone site does not affect the performance of neighboring sites and hence there is no tug of war or the performance issues arising out of the same. The PAYG or Pays as You Go Model offers you a higher control over our budget and allows you to enjoy maximum cost efficiency.

 If you are running a small scale website like a private blog, home-based business or brochure website of a few pages and don’t get too many visitors on a daily basis then shared hosting would be best for you as you don’t have too much or specific resource needs.

 However, it is advisable to buy cloud hosting packages for optimum performance if you are running an e-commerce site, a blog with very high traffic, an interactive site with multiple heavy plug-ins, a media-rich site or any site with real-time features like chatting as you can have specific resource needs to support the fluctuating demands.


Cloud Hosting Vs. VPS Server

 VPS server is basically a single server that is virtually partitioned into multiple servers for different clients and each client can have their separate virtual server for hosting their site in a separate environment and enjoying a greater level of security, privacy, and performance as compared to the shared hosting.

 In VPS hosting you can enjoy tailor-made configuration by customizing it to meet your exact needs. The cloud hosting has pretty limited options to customize the configuration. On the positive side, the cloud hosting offers you extended flexibility and scalability as compared to VPS servers.

 If you are interested in having an extended control over your website and enjoying a higher level of privacy and security then it would be wise to buy a virtual private server. With VPS server you would also be able to customize your hosting environment by using the ideal technical skills.

 If your site experiences frequent fluctuations and you need varying resource pool to maintain a stable performance then cloud hosting is the best choice for you. It automatically increases the resource pool to support the high traffic needs.

 If your website requires extreme flexibility and you have high expectations regarding the site performance then you can go for cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is also apt for you if you have higher data storage demands.


Cloud Hosting Vs. Dedicated Server

 A dedicated server is a physical server that privately belongs to you and thus it offers the maximum possible security and a fully dedicated pool of resources that are at your disposal round the clock. These servers are aimed at offering the ultimate sense of ownership to the client.

 One of the major difference between a cloud server and a dedicated server is that while the cloud server can immediately allocate you the resources as per the needs, the dedicated server takes longer time for the same. However, the cloud hosting does not offer you the maximum or sophisticated security levels as guaranteed by a dedicated server.

 If security and compliance are on the top priority then you can invest in a dedicated server that allows you to enjoy the maximum level of security by offering you dedicated hardware.

 If you are a blogger, fast-growing start-up or SME who wants to extend its digital activities then cloud hosting is the best option for you.

 For the Government related organization, healthcare sector ad the finance sector that holds vital customer data and requires very high levels of security dedicated servers are the best choice.



When foraying into the digital world the businesses like to choose the best hosting plans that can fully support their needs without inflating the budget. One of the most popular recent introduction in the hosting industry is cloud hosting that is very different than the traditional hosting plans as it combines the best features of traditional hosting plans at more affordable prices and cost-efficient payment modes. However, you need to consider various aspects before deciding if you should buy cloud hosting packages or go for traditional packages. This blog focuses on such key aspects that make it easier for you to decide whether you should invest in cloud hosting plans or continue with the traditional hosting plans.