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Protect Information Theft

Protect Information Theft with These:

Yet another year is about to join the history while the new-year would arrive with its own kitty of opportunities, development and even security threats. In fact it is predicted that the hackers would increase their activities considerably during 2018, So if you want to maintain the security of your site in 2o18 then you should keep in mind the below mentioned 4 factors to evaluate ether health of your site.


Any Website is a Good target” for Hackers

Many website owners think that there website couldn’t be a cream target for hackers. What they fail to understand is the eh hackers might not be attracted to their website only if for its data or commercial value but in man case they just want to relay the spam emails using your server. Alternatively many of them might be interested in using your our server or serving legally susceptible files.


Google Search Console

One of the basic ways to fortify your security is to install the Google Search console that keep you updated with the spam or malware attempts via notification emails. The information is reliable and allows you to act on time before your start facing any major impact. You will also be set the code the Google identifies as suspicious that helps you to take the precise action. If you are technical proficient you can remove the code yourself in or else, can delegate the task to your web developer. Don’t forget to back up the website once you remove the code for future-safe provision.


WordPress Hosting

If you are running a Wordpress site then you must be aware that it has a massive community of users, developers and programmers that is constantly working on improving the platform. As a result the Wordpress themes, plug-in and CMS are periodically updated. Apart from adding to the functionality and features of the current plug-in the periodical updates also offer a protective shield against latest security threats. As soon as these updates are introduced you will get instant alerts with update plug-in button. Click the button and the update process will instantly be started. Ignoring these alerts could make your prone to attacks and hacking.


Follow best Encryption Guidelines

Lack of data privacy between the browser and your web server serves as the key loophole to the sophisticated hackers and cyber attackers. For that you need to secure the communication using encrypted link between browser and server. You can safeguard your data privacy at this crucial juncture by opting for SSL certificates. Due to its efficiency Google considers the SSL certificate as one of the major positive aspects while determining your site ranking. Of course, having SSL critical not only allows you to protect your website can also helps you in some way to gain better Google ranking.


Don’t Allow File Uploading on our Website

One of topmost preferred ways for the hackers to in fact your site with malicious codes is by uploading files on your site. Permitting your set users to upload any file can thus make your site prone to malicious attacks. You never know the kind of files that is updated and he purpose behind updating it on your website. If a hacker updates an executable file on your website then he could be able to access eh basic infrastructure of your site. Needless to say it could then be able to inject malicious virus, steal key information or misuse the site’s data for his own vested interest. The servers have an inbuilt feature that prevents them from executing the image files but smart hackers know how to dodge the servers. So for a better society you need restrict file permissions or confirm the correct file extension by renaming them when they are uploaded.

Firstly shielding your item against any threats you can restrict the direct access to any type of uploaded files. The uploaded file will reside in any folder that is external to your web root. It might require advanced configurations settings. Hit and try or help yourself is not recommendable for non technical users. Better to rely on your web hosting provider to set the purpose-specific configurations settings.


Password Issues

Many hackers try to invade into you server system by cracking the passwords as it one of the easiest ways to break your security shield. Once the hackers guessed your password the get the master key to enter inside your website structure and infect it with malicious code or make structural changes to further their own purpose. Gaining key permissions, the hackers can actually monitor and run your website remotely without revealing their identity. Advanced hackers can even conduct a number of activities without resulting in any suspicious change on the surface. So it is very important to follow some guidelines why creating your password:

Make your password as difficult as possible. Blend uppercase and lowercase letters and use multiple special characters. Make it long and avoid using any word or phrase that can be cracked like your pet’s name or your surname.

Security questions helps you to retrieve your password but they also help the hackers to crack the password with a little bit of mental gymnastics. So don’t provide the exact answers to your security questions as the smart hackers may collect the relevant information from your only profiles to steal the correct replies. For example if your pet’s name is Chubby you can rather use the phrase “synonymnofflabby”. Better still you can use a complete irrelevant word as the answer like “Cooldaze112*”. Remembering such answers could be a difficulty ad you cannot write them down. So, you can use something that can be associated with the real answer like instead of chub you can write “likeSmithMyfriend” assuming that your friend smith is overweight!


Using Two Factor Authentication

Adds an extra layer to your security by sending you the login verifications code.Putting a lock on your site director or file permissions is also an ideal way to secure your site against infiltrations. Connect to your server trough FTP and go to the file permissions page where you can change the settings to ensure security,