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How Does Cloud Hosting Help you

Is Cloud Hosting an Ideal Choice for Beginners?

At one point of time, there were three major models to choose from when it came to web hosting - Shared hosting plan, VPS Servers, and Dedicated Servers. However, the introduction of cloud hosting has resulted in some revolutionary changes that specifically appeal to the clients with specific requirements and unpredictable, fluctuating resource use. There are a number of blogs describing the benefits of cloud hosting but in this article we will concentrate on the pricing model of cloud hosting and how does it offer more value to the clients.

When you buy a cloud hosting plan you get very similar benefits as having your own dedicated server with massive capabilities and flexibility. Agreeably there could be some obvious exceptions but you actually emerge out as a winner considering the cost-efficient model of cloud hosting.


  • Cloud hosting offers you maximum flexibility, instant resource scalability, and better performance delivery.
  • The best thing is that all these things come at a much more economical price.   
  • However when  we talk about the price vs. value the beginners should better adhere to the simple pocket friendly model of shared hosting plan as they don’t have the specific or high resource requirements.


When Should I Consider Buying Cloud Hosting Package?

The cloud hosting can be a viable option for you when you want to graduate from shared hosting plan and are thinking to buy VPS server plans. The best thing is that unlike virtual server the cloud hosting is not limited to a single physical server that offers you the extended freedom to add more resources to handle fluctuations or traffic influx.

  • Besides, when  not in use you can scale down your resources to save your precious dollars.
  • Additionally the sophisticated powerful server environments offered by cloud hosting also allows you to enjoy better performance powered by robust features and dynamic specifications.


Pricing Model of Traditional Hosting Models

When you buy hosting plans based on traditional models, you have to pay for the space you occupy on the physical server. You have to make periodical payments every month, quarter or year as per your package. Besides many reputed hosting providers also offer unlimited resources (though it should not breach the fair use policy)

  • So, there are several factors that determine the final expenses that you would incur. In simple terms the different resources used to run your  website like CPU, memory, space, etc. play a vital role in  determining the prices, Besides, additional features like templates or premium add-ons as well as after sales support also have a major role to play here.
  • Irrespective of the hosting you go for, your hosting costs are determined by the specific volume of server resources.
  • However, due to the varying needs of your website, the  resource consumption cannot be fixed and it is very much possible that during a specific period your site may require very less amount  of resource due to low traffic for instance only 70% of the total  allocated resources is consumed. You will still have to pay the full  cost (or for 100% of resources specified  in your plan).
  • If we add all these periodical savings it might translate to a significant amount. But due to the pricing plan of your traditional hosting packages you are not able to get cost benefits even during low usage periods.


How Does Cloud Hosting Offer the Best Solution?

The above model could deter the budget conscious clients who occasionally need high resources. Hence many small and medium enterprises experiencing fast growth and unpredictable consumption pattern might not be able to find a suitable cost-efficient plan across traditional hosting packages. The cloud hosting guarantees the best value-friendly packages for such clients due to its scalable pricing module.

  • The cloud hosting plans come with a very pocket friendly standard level  pricing that can even be compared to shared hosting plans.
  • However you enjoy the extended freedom to scale up/down the server resources as per the varying needs.
  • The best thing is that you will only pay for the resources that you have utilized that allow you to keep your spending under control.
  • You will be offered a user-friendly interface that helps you not only to monitor your resource consumption but also empowers you to instantly ration  the extra server resources to support the varying needs
  • Another great advantage of cloud hosting is that you can instantly update yourself with the resource usage by your site. It helps you to predict the  total price you will have to pay at the end of the billing cycle.
  • Besides you can also alter your present consumption depending upon the budget  restrictions.
  • No other plan can offer such a combination of flexible resource usage and predictive pricing model.


Hence if you are looking for a plan where your total bill will be determined by the total volume of resources you consumed then cloud hosting is the best plan for you.

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