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Premium Design in Low Budget

Premium Designs Under Low Budget

If you want to step into the digital arena with confidence then you need to have a website that is meticulously built, appealing to the eyes and has a professional character. However, such websites can be considerably expensive and not everyone has the budget that is required to build such websites. However, even if you don’t have huge budget you can still get a website that looks appealing to the eyes and the best thing is that you can get such website almost free. So, you don’t have to rob the bank! Here are a few online resources that can help you with the elements and services needed to build a professional, appealing website at almost Zero cost:


Professional Icons

One of the most pressing challenge for the people looking for an awesome design at a budget is using the attractive graphics and icons to give a premium look to their site. You just cannot use any icons available on the net as that may put you into a deep trouble due to copyright laws. Sure there are license free icons there but their quality is too low to be used for your website. The solution is Awesome- we are speaking for Font Awesome. It is a source that offers a wide collection of beautiful icons that can be used for your website without any issues. You don’t have to pay any price to use these icons for commercial intentions.


Twitter bootstrap

Twitter bootstrap is a perfect way to get the professional looking website without breaking a bank or even hiring a professional web designer. This DIY idea will not only save your money but is also easy to execute without any expert knowledge. All you have to do is to implement the website using twitter bootstrap and do a little customization to get it a personalized look. No, you don’t have to wade through the complicated steps. All you have to do is to make some changes in the navbar, customize the design elements like fonts and cools and Whoa! Within 5 hours your site will be good to go live! Budget designs can’t get easier and better!


Get Customised Creative’s at Fiverr

If you are really serious about getting customized graphics tailored to suit your precise needs then you can most possibly find the right solution at As the name suggest you can get everything here for $5 only right from graphics to website content and many other creative service. Contrary t the belief the low prices don’t always mean the cheap work. In fact many active professionals on fiverr have got excellent reviews from their clients. But you certainly need to evaluate the past work of the artists, the relevant skills that suit your requirements and the reviews left by his past clients. A deep portfolio research will reveal a number of vital points that will help you to make a wise decision before selecting the right candidate for the job.


High Quality Real Photos

Using real photos for your website adds to its credibility. However the real photos need a better quality. Besides, you can’t just use any real photo on your website before first assuring that it is okay to use them for commercial purpose. The real challenge is to find the free images that adhere to high quality standards. Worry not; you don’t have to wade through numerous free images to find the right one- just splash! That’s the name of the online source from where you can get a number of wonderful real life photos that are free to be used commercially and offer a high quality visual experience.


Editing the Photos

No matter how or where you want to use them, you would need to edit the photos so that they should align well with your overall website design. Easiest way is to use the Adobe products that will allow you to do edit the photos as per your needs. However these products cost dearly and can absorb a major portion of your meagre budget. The next best option is GIMP. As an open-source, GIMP is available freely and you done need any license to use it. GIMP allows you to carry the simple photo editing without paying anything. Truth be revealed- it is not super easy to use GIMP but a little bit of self-research on Google can solve the things. Once learnt, you won’t find t difficult to work with this wonderful tool.