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Consider Things Before Buying WordPress Hosting

Should You Buy Wordpress Hosting Plans?

When you buy a WordPress hosting plan you enjoy multiple features that helps in taking complete care of your WordPress site without any restrictions. However, as there are a number of plans available for hosting it could be a bit tricky for you to buy the best WordPress hosting plan for your site. So, here are a few things to consider when you decide to buy WordPress hosting plan.

As a Word Press site, you most probably use Nginx or Apache as your server software. The database in the WordPress site is handled by either MariaDB or MySQL. Depending on your host you may also be offered another application like PhpMyAdmin to facilitate database management. While installing Word Press on your servers you install PHP code along with WP themes, plugins and relevant elements like PHP, HTML CSS or JavaScript.

There are a number of different factors that you need to keep in mind before you decide to buy wordpress hosting plan. Here are a few among them:


Size of Your Site

One of the major factors that play a decisive role in buying a web hosting plan for your WordPress site is the total size of your site. If you are just starting a new website then a modest package will be required to take care of your hosting needs. However, if you want to move an existing wordpress website that already has a good amount of data and other heavy files then you will have more specific resource needs. Besides we can assume that the old site experiences a heavy traffic that needs a stable high resource web hosting plan to offer the best user experience to your audience. In such a scenario you might consider going with the WordPress web hosting plans with more specifications.


Technical Knowledge

The technical knowledge of the clients also plays a vital role in deciding the best web hosting plan for their Word Press site. Plans for shared hosting packages offer you 1-click installation tools that make it really easy to upload the WordPress sites without a coding jugglery. Likewise managed WordPress hosting plans offer you complete managed support to take care of updates, security patches and other specification of your WordPress site for optimum performance. Some clients appreciate this and go for managed Wordpress hosting while others would love to go through a learning curve and enjoy the complete ownership of their WordPress site.


Your Professional Needs

Word Press offers you a wider amount of flexibility and you generally don’t have to haggle with too much of coding for enjoying basic functionality. However, If you wish to enjoy maximum benefits out of your Word Press hosting investment then you may want to take the entire control of your website. It is especially true If you are a developer or involved in reseller hosting business. In either case, you would need more specific features like site staging or site cloning, reseller hosting functionality etc.



Please note that not all the WordPress hosting providers offer you this functionality/freedom. Hence you first need to check with your WordPress provider the amount of ownership or capabilities offered by different plans. Try to be as specific as possible while discussing your exact needs so that your provider should suggest you the best plan to go for. You should have full knowledge of various capabilities as well as restrictions when it comes to buying the best WordPress hosting plan for you that aligns best with your professional requirements.