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SEO Myth Busters

Common Myths in SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in enhancing your site’s ranking by following certain streamlined process to make your site user-friendly and adapt it according to the latest algorithms by major search engines. However, because of the negative publicity on digital arena, it is believed that SEO is a set of manipulative strategies to con the audience, hoodwink the major search engines and somehow acquire the better ranking even if your site lacks the required credentials. But the New Year is for we resolutions and fresh knowledge, so let us know about some SEO myths to bust in 2018:



SEO is a con business

As the single person’s character doesn’t reflect the personality of the entire community, in the same manner an individual professional does not represent the entire industry. There could be many reasons why your SEO professional conned you.

You need to keep some key points in mind associated with hiring a SEO agency:

SEO services come at a price and the figures reflect the quality

SEO strategies take time to start showing tangible benefits (Talking about white hat SEO)

SEO strategy needs close participation of clients at every stage

SEO agency should be carefully chosen depending upon solid parameters (Quality, relevant experience, expertise etc.)

If you didn’t acknowledge one or more best practices while hiring the agency or during the SEO process, then it was actually negligence on your part that made you suffers a loss. Hence, you don’t have the solid reasons to blame the entire SEO industry.



The SEO agency that ranks on first page is best for me

The SEO companies know very well how to rank on the first page even if they don’t have genuine credentials to match the position. It is better to rely on your own research.

You need to base your SEO agency search on some well defined parameters like portfolio, experience expertise and clients’ reviews.

It is always best to take the help of your trusted acquaintances to find out the genuine SEO agencies.

In order to minimize the loss you can always go for a reasonable probation period before you finalize the contract for a longer period.



I should Hire an “ABC SEO Agency” Because they have Promised me No.1 Position on Google by the end of this Month

When we talk about white hat SEO strategies, it takes some time before you can realize the results but on the positive side the results are long lived and harmless. Now what does the term harmless mean here? The Black hat unethical practise can offer you quick results and in a relatively short span of time you will see your site on page number 1. That great!

What’s not so great is that Google also notices these things and dive deeper to find out if you are using Black Hat SEO. If the same is confirmed, you will be penalized and your site may be blacklisted for a particular period of time.

Black hat SEO offers quick but harmful results by using unethical and manipulative methodologies to mislead the search engines as well as audience



SEO is all about keyword stuffing and low quality back links

The statement was true several years back. It was due to the undue benefit enjoyed by just stuffing your content with keywords without focusing on quality, depth or grammar. The times have changed now and search engines have evolved.

The latest algorithms actually penalize the content stuffed with keywords. Similarly, the clients have got smarter. They go through the content posted by their SEO agencies before approving it.

The same is true in the case of back links where quality and not quantity enjoys prime importance.

Hence, the professional SEO companies won’t risk their reputation by employing these outdated practices of keyword stuffed content or cheap, irrelevant back links by dozens.



Google hates SEO

If you go deep into the things you will notice that Google is not a friend or enemy to anyone in the digital industry. What it focuses on, is the user experience.

Likewise Google also updates its algorithms to ensure that the users should get the most accurate results out of their Google Search.

Coincidentally the black hat or unethical SEO practices generally confuses the users by displaying irrelevant results on top or showing shallow content. Hence, it clashes with best interests of the users that Google does not like and revises its algorithms to stop that unethical practice.

Google clearly recognizes the power of ethical SEO and fully admits efficiency of ideal SEO strategies. It even goes on advising the people who want to hire an SEO- “the earlier the better”!



Building Links is not liked by Google

Google hates the cheap, manipulative link building strategies but at the same time it allows the White hat link building strategies as it adds to the authority of your site and thus is user friendly.

You should focus on quality link building that are relevant to your site and are built over a period of time.

You don’t have to manipulate, you don’t have to buy but you need to earn it over the period of time.

You need to have the premium links from the authoritative sources.