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6 Control Panels Reseller Hosting

The website industry is growing day by day due to an increase in the number of websites daily. This is the reason why we are seeing an increase in the number of hosting businesses these days. The Reseller Hosting business will be the perfect business for new entrepreneurs. All you have to do is purchase the best and unlimited reseller hosting plan from the top hosting businesses. After which you can create your desired hosting plans, reach all your audiences and start selling them your hosting plans. 


These businesses offer several resources with their Cheapest Reseller Hosting Plans. So you can even start your hosting business from scrap. Just with less knowledge, you can start your own hosting business. One of the most useful resources which are provided by hosting businesses with your reseller hosting plans is the control panel. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 6 control panels for your reseller hosting business.


What Do You Understand About Control Panel?

The Control panel is one of the hosting resources that is offered by all the hosting companies with reseller hosting plans. This hosting control panel is one such thing that is used for both controlling and managing all your reseller hosting services. Using it you can control all the operations of your hosting business. It provides a web-based interface to the users on which all the operations are recorded. So you can easily keep track of all these operations. 


The control panel consists of different functionalities on a particular dashboard. Using such functionalities you can check out the analytics, Add, edit, or modify all the operations. For instance, You can change the client’s details, modify the plans chosen by them, etc. This is the reason why the control pane is one of the necessary resources for handling reseller hosting business. 


Top 6 Control Panels For Your Reseller Hosting Business

  • cPanel: cPanel is one of the top-class control panels offered by hosting businesses with reseller hosting plans. It is based on the Linux platform and consists of a full-fledged GUI (graphical user interface). It provides you with a user-friendly interface that you can easily access. Not only has a good user interface but also consists of some additional tools, databases, and different softwares for management. Using the cPanel for managing your reseller hosting you can easily perform different tasks like adding or removing the software, and user management like creation and management of subdomains and domains. Managing web-based data, E-mail management as well as security and authorization management. Cpanel is one of the highly used control panels because of its dynamic nature and easy navigation.


  • WHMCS: WHMCS is one such Linux hosting-based control panel that is also part of the same company which owns the cPanel. This is also one of the main reasons why it is mostly used by all reseller hosting users. It is considered one of the easiest control panel platforms to use. It also consists of some high-end capabilities that attract all its users towards it. It can be easily used by such people that don’t have detailed knowledge about the hosting and Linux OS. It consists of a centralized dashboard using which you can manage all the operations of your reseller hosting business. Using this control panel you can manage operations like adding or deleting users from the system, e-mail management, security management, Billing management, modifying the plans, etc. You can also create a fully customizable separate control panel for all your clients.  


  • Plesk: It is also one of the highly used hosting control panels. Plesk is one of the multi-platform control panels that can be used in both Linux and Windows. This control panel also offers you one of the best user interfaces that can generate a world-class user experience for its users. So if you are one such user that doesn’t need to use a Linux-based control panel. Then you can opt for Plesk. If you are a hosting business having a few employees then the Plesk control panel will be the most recommended for your business. This control panel can be used by multiple users which can be administrators, resellers, domain owners, and also the E-mail users. It also consists of an in-built firewall system that can easily secure your system from multiple threats. That’s why it is one of the highly used hosting control panels.    


  • ISPconfig: If you need a free hosting panel with a wide range of features then you can use ISPconfig. It is totally open source in nature so anyone can freely use it. It supports both the normal hosting plans as well as the reseller hosting plans. This control panel is highly reliable to manage all the hosting operations with ease and also is one of the most flexible environments that can be supported by both Linux and Windows hosting. So if you are having a very low budget then you can choose the ISPconfig control panel to manage your reseller hosting business. It also supports virtualization and ensures the proper functioning of your server by not sending heavy loads on it. Since it is not that much easy to install so you will require an expert for its installation.      


  • Webmin: Webmin is one of the most successful and topmost control panels that one should prefer to manage their reseller hosting. You can also say that this is a partially multi-platform control panel. Why we have said partially because it supports Linux but partially supports windows. This means that some of the features of this control panel might not work in Windows OS. Using Webmin you can easily customize the usage as per the requirements of your clients. There are several options for customizations are available for the website owner and hosting providers. So you can easily choose it and can install it with the help of your experts. 


  • DirectAdmin: It is one of the best control panels for reseller hosting in India. Not only is it the best but you can say that one of the cheapest control panels with a lot of functionalities. It consists of a robust GUI that ensures its user's easy usability. DirectAdmin is having the capability to directly handle a lot of email Ids with ease. It supports automated operations so the user doesn’t need to keep track manually in each and every operation. It can automatically manage the operations like databases, user accounts, e-mails, security, backup and reset of DNS, etc.



In this article, we have provided you with the topmost reseller hosting control panels. These control panels don’t cost you much and provide you with a lot of management functionalities. These are recommended by the top reseller hosting providers. So if you are going to start a new hosting business you can opt for any of the control panels mentioned above. That will definitely increase the growth of your Hosting business.