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SEO Tips For Choosing Domain Name

Pro SEO Tips for Choosing a Rewarding Domain Name: 

The very first thing that you would need to start your online business is the domain name. Due to the growing competition domain names have become extremely cheap and easy to buy. All you have to do is to select the right domain name and finalize the order online by entering the required details and completing the payment process. However, it does not mean that you don’t have to put any inputs. Just like your business brand, your domain name also plays a vital role in establishing your business identity. In this blog, we are going to share effective tips that will help you buy domain names that win you a distinct position in the digital arena:


Choosing a Reliable Domain Extension

Just like the domain names, the domain extensions also play a vital role in establishing your identity and connecting with your targeted audience. A wide range of domain extensions like. media, accountant and. blog (and more) has added complexity to the simple choice procedure. Let’s make things easier for you.

Regardless of your industry or profession the basic reason that brings you online is to attract a maximum audience and increase your business benefits. Hence, the common sense says that you should go with the “Majority”.

  • Majority of the users still prefer Dot Com over any other extension
  • Unlike Dotcom, New age domain extensions aren’t easy to recall, and it reduces the overall RoI of your ads
  • When compared to the new age domain names, accounts, etc, the Dotcom extensions sound much more trustworthy
  • People with very basic technical knowledge are not acquainted with new-age extensions and it can significantly limit your reach. That’s not the case with Dotcom extension, thanks to its universal appeal.
  • Traditional buyers tend to get suspicious if they come across something “unusual”. So, your domain prime apparel marketing will get significantly less clicks when compared to

Carefully Add Keywords

Reasonably adding keywords to your domain name not only connects the users with you by communicating their intent but also helps the search bots to understand your profile and show your site during relevant search results. 

  • Many people end up misusing this tip by using only keywords without mentioning the brand. sounds less trustworthy when compared to realistic name like
  • The best way is to have a perfect combo of band name keywords and a certain USP term.


Avoid Long Domain Names

Long domain names are difficult to be remembered and tend to confuse the users. They also pose the risk of typo errors and displaying the error page that may prompt the users to go back to the results page and open another site.

  • An ideal length of a domain name should not exceed 20 characters.
  • One of the best ways to shorten the domain name is to reasonably eliminate the obvious words like “Organization”, “Private/Public Limited” etc. 


Avoid Synonyms & Difficult Words

While English is widely spoken across the world, many people are not proficient in languages. At the same time, there are various countries where English is not spoken or understood by most people like Spain, Japan, and China, etc. So, avoid using difficult English words in the domain.

  • Synonyms like Suave, Kaleidoscope, and Juxtapose seem tempting but it can confuse the audiences of non-English countries and the ones with limited knowledge
  • Also avoid using the names that have difficult spelling like the colonel, sylvan, or acoustic, etc. in your domain name
  • It is also good to avoid the phrases with tenses- no matter how short they are. or might confuse the non-English speakers as they might not be proficient with tense forms


Use Tools

While the machine cannot be as creative as a human mind, many times you may find it useful to employs online tools for getting a strong inspiration. Thankfully there are various tools available online to offer you the best inspiration for coming up with unique domain name ideas. Here are 3 of the best tool’s domain name suggestions:



Your domain name establishes your distinct identity and helps you connect with your targeted audiences. In many ways, your domain name requires even more efforts than your offline shop or storefront. Most of the internet users are likely to know about your website through search engine results and the first thing that they would see is your domain name. How quickly they connect with your domain name, eventually decides whether they will visit your site or keep on scrolling for better options. So, it is highly imperative to invest a good amount of time and efforts to buy a domain name that instantly connect with the audiences and offer you a distinct and reliable reputation