Are you really benefitting from your reseller hosting business ?

One of the most popular online businesses today is reseller hosting business. It does not need you to invest huge infrastructure prices. You can buy the wholesale resources from the web host at wholesale cost and then sell them to the retail clients at retail prices. The best thing is that there are a number of ways in which a hosting reseller enhances his revenue by selling more services.

Online Marketing: Employ a multifaceted approach

As the digital world is expanding, the competition is at all time high. Hence, if you really need to get good revenue from your website you need to increase online marketing efforts. While most of the website owners do invest a good amount of online marketing, what is needed is the multifaceted approach that would help in increasing the RoI of such efforts and allows you to gear up your revenue while at the same time building a distinct reputation.

New Online Marketers - What should you know ?

Marketing is a fine art that needs to be nurtured and enhanced over a period of time with constant practice and innovation. In the same way, the online marketing also needs to be reinvented on a constant basis to gain the maximum benefits and excel in this art. There are a number of ways in which the online marketing exercises can be geared up.

4 things a hosting reseller should remember while managing business on a vacation

Being a hosting reseller needs you to be agile, prompt and professional to the core. You need to manage your own account while at the same time managing the accounts of your clients, allocating resources and monitoring various activities. While it is not a bad idea to take some vacation now and then, even during the time you need to monitor and manage your hosting business. However while on the vacation, you need to keep in mind some crucial factors to ensure that your security remains intact:

5 myths about cyber attacks- now busted

Though the IT attacks have become increasingly common in the recent years the current year has seen the rise of some of the most lethal attacks. Another noticeable thing is that the present attacks are not just “a few more attacks”. A clear shift in paradigm is also realized. Ransomware WannaCry prove that the attackers now need quick and substantial gain and they want to achieve that by exerting more pressure and affecting crucial root services.

How to prevent your site from crashing?

One of the greatest nightmares of any online business is seeing their site crashing down leaving the audience annoyed and disappointed. It halts the current operations, alters user experience and in the long run it can also alienate your audience. Needless to say if such thing occurs during crucial juncture- like in middle of processing an online order or completing the registration process- then you can suffer a substantial instant loss.

4 major things to keep in mind to enhance the security of your website

Going online offers you a host of wonderful benefits. You can reach a huge number of potential clients, offer them an easy click-and-shop interface and also widen your impact worldwide thus multiplying the scope of your business. Due to these benefits most of the businesses nowadays prefer to go online irrespective of products, services and business models. That is actually a good thing.

How to earn by selling domain names

Domain name is one of the most important resources for any person who wishes to start an online business. It is just like the address of your shop when you intend to start your own chain of superstores in your city. Just like you can’t even think of starting your own shop without having an address, in the same way, the online “opening” of your store cannot be possible without buying a domain name.

Domain Trade Dilemmas: Believe in yourself

As the number of net users is increasing the domain name, web hosting and other associated services are also attracting the people who are looking for web infrastructural products. There is a huge number of web hosting companies offer best services at the most economical rates, thanks to the competition. The web hosting companies require resellers and partners to take their businesses to the new heights. So, as a web hosting reseller, you earn a decent amount on a constant basis.