Did you recently upgrade from a 2GBHosting shared hosting plan to a 2GBHosting VPS or dedicated hosting p


Cloud hosting, no doubt offers customers a slew of benefits, making it one of the popular hosting packages today. However, there are also a number of disadvantages that should be considered.

Reseller hosting is one of the fastest growing packages in the web hosting industry.

You learned in grade school how to share with others; well shared hosting is no different.

Thinking of hosting a new website? If you are a seasoned developer you would know the difference between creating of websites on and PHP frameworks.

low cost

So you have a website and now you need the best low cost web hosting service, now what?


There are literally thousands of webs hosting companies all over the world that offer a wide variety of web hosting packages and services.

what are hosting

What are web hosting services and why do you need them? Simply put, having a website built is not enough because you must obtain hosting services in order to make your website avai


So you have a small business and you need a web hosting package, now what? In order to find the best website hosting package for your small business you will want to consider a few